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One Piece 1012 Reveals Luffy vs Kaidou One on One

One Piece 1012
Kaidou vs Luffy

One Piece 1012 will brace us with more updates as the manga is currently on a break. The war in Wano gets more phenomenal with each chapter, and now we can all tell that there would never be a dull chapter in the foreseeable future. The double break that saw only two chapters released in the last four weeks had fans in suspense as they wait to see what comes next. One Piece Chapter 1012 spoilers are fully released, and now we know what the next chapter will be looking at.

Thins slowed down for a bit ad there isn’t much action as the worst generations try to recover from Kaidou and Big Mom’s assaults. Currently, Big Mom has made a turnaround of events after she almost fell into the ocean. Still, within the expectations, she conjured a new homie, and she is now on a rampage. It seems like she will be a huge factor in this war, and her unpredictability would mostly bring more harm to the Beat Pirates.

Big Mom has shown her new side that only comes up when she is around young kids. So the presence of Tama in Onigashima has turned out for the best once again. As a result, Big Mom has turned on the headliners and would stop at nothing to protect Tama. Meanwhile, Kid and Killer went out to look for Big Mom. On the other hand, Yamato and Kinemon devise a plan to protect Momonosuke as the war is about to reach its peak.

One Piece Chapter 1012 will mark the end of the current manga break and will have us return to the normal weekly schedule. The chapter will still publish on VIZ Media and Manga Plus as usual, so soon, we will get the official releases.

One Piece Chapter 1012 Reveals Kaidou Overwhelming Powers

The upcoming chapter will just be the aftermath of Big Mom and Kaidou’s assault on the worst generations. At first, it looked like they managed fine. Especially Zoro, whom we expected much from after he had mastered Enma. So we all thought that he would play a bigger role in this fight. At first, you would think that they were all going to fight it o the rooftop until the end. But with Big Mom and how unpredictable she could be, then things turned out differently.

The worst generation’s strategy was to separate Big Mom and Kaidou, which worked out well for them. And it’s unlikely that they will rejoin anytime soon in this war. So, for now, Luffy is left on the rooftop in a one-on-one battle with Kaidou. Big Mom had attacked Kid and Killer, but these left them falling to the third floor. But now that Big Mom seems to be after something else, then they have to hunt her down and keep her away from Kaidou.

Zoro, who played a good role in blocking Big Mom and Kaidou’s combined attack, is now in a bad state. Law reveals that he has broken at least 20 bones and needs intensive care. So we won’s see him in action for quite some time. Thsi just shows how dangerous things have become. Because from just one attack, everyone on the rooftop could’ve been wiped out. But thanks to Zoro’s efforts, they managed to get a split second, and Law teleported them to safety. But as a result, Zoro was fatally wounded from blocking the attack for just one second.

So we have now seen how overwhelming Kaidou is, and all this time, he has been fighting without showing any noticeable damage. Luffy is aware that it will take some time to show. But in reality, Kaidou is taking some damage, which explains why he has been wary of Luffy’s attack all this time.

Big Mom’s Mother Mode

One Piece 1012

Big Mom

After meeting Tama once again, a new side of Big Mom awakened. She seems to have multiple personalities with her, just like we saw when she crashed in Kuri and lost some of her memories. But now that she is back to her usual self, she still remembers how the people in Okobore town have treated her. She also remembers the good memories she shared with Tama and now wants to protect Tama from the Beast Pirates.

She might be the only unpredicted person in this fight so far. We have seen, and we also know what kind of a person Kiadou is. So if anything surprising is yet to come, then it should be a new attack. But when it comes to Big Mom, we can’t really tell what she will do since she is mostly influenced by the wildest things you can think of. So this means that Kaidou is mostly on his own in this fight while the rest of the worst generations keep Big Mom away.

It looks like everyone has a lot of belief in Luffy as they left him with Kaidou one on one. The rest of the worst generations went after Big Mom while Law retreated for a while. But it looks like Yamato is concerned, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she later makes it to the rooftop to finally confront her father. The spoilers are hitting at a lot of developments. And now it looks like we have covered all fronts of the war at least once.

Kaidou vs. Luffy on the Rooftop

If you have been keeping track of Luffy’s development over time, you would’ve noticed a pattern. All the way back from his gear 3 days, he had disadvantages whenever he used his most powerful attacks. Then he would eventually develop ways to minimize his weaknesses and finally mastered his attack. And now we know he has no drawbacks whenever he uses gear three; in fact, that has been reduced to just his basic form. And ever since he developed gear 4, he has been looking to cover his weaknesses. So now it is just a matter of time before he gets rid of his gear 4 weaknesses as well.

Now would be the perfect time because he obviously can not survive 10 minutes without Haki in a one-on-one with Kaidou. But the previous one seems to be deliberate since he could’ve just deactivated gear 4 before he runs out of Haki. Luffy has a plan to bring down Kaidou on the rooftop. And with a combination of his Ryou training from Wano and the Hashoku he had just observed from Kaidou’s attack, then he has a good chance at a one on one battle against Kaidou.

Since only two people remain on the rooftop, then the battle will only get intense. So the next time we get a rooftop update, it will be a groundbreaking one. Kaidou has laid most of his cards on the table, and we probably have seen his most powerful attack. With Luffy, we are yet to see what combinations he can develop since he can now infuse his attacks with Hashouku. Then he has mastered Wano’s Ryou, so combine that with his gear four attacks. Then we already know Kaidou will be getting a barrage of those combos. So it’s likely that this is where we will see a lot of Luffy’s new attacks, and since Kaidou can defend against Luffy’s attack, he is at an advantage.

One Piece Chapter 1013 Updates and Development.

One Piece 1012

Zoro and Enma

As interesting as the manga is, we still have to make it through the current break. But the foreseeable future is interesting since we won’t have breaks for a while. If you need to know when new chapters are releasing, you can read the One Piece Manga Schedule for May 2021. There won’t be any breaks for a while, so we will be getting weekly chapters, and then things will pick up the pace once again. This is coming at a crucial moment as Luffy now goes head to head with Kaidou, so this has become a contest of strength and Haki.

So whoever has more mastery over Hashoku and Haki will have a huge advantage on this one-on-one fight. Luffy tried to infuse Ryou on his gear third attacks, and that dealt good damage to Kaidou. But now that he has gear fourth and Hashoku as well, then he is a really threatening foe for Kaidou. In simple terms, Kaidou is mostly defenseless against Luffy, and since Big Mom was his shield earlier on, he is vulnerable. For now, let’s wait to see what One Piece 1013 will bring for us, as the spoilers will release early next week at the earliest.

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