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‘One Ordinary Day’ Episode 7 Turning The Murder Case In A New Direction While Revealing More Suspects

One Ordinary Day Episode 7
One Ordinary Day Kdrama 2021

One Ordinary Day Episode 7 is releasing soon! With some progress, the case is moving in a new direction. However, the latest episodes have shown the diverse sides of the law system, just like we all expected. It reveals how the police officer and the prosecutor go through various routes to prove Kim Hyun Soo guilty of the crime. However, they completely ignore the root issue. Instead of looking for the killer, they rather pull out all cards against Kim Hyun Soo. Shin Joong Han is no different as well. He only wants to prove Kim Hyun Soo’s innocence and not find the culprit.

The latest episode shows a new trial is conducted, which Seo Soo Jin leads. After all, Shin Joong Han suddenly get gets some skin rashes. Thankfully during the first half of the hearing, she perfectly leads the way and turns all juries in Hyun Soo’s favor. However, the second half gets messed up when Hyun Soo can’t handle his emotion. How can he, when he has suddenly become the prime suspect of a murder case? No one is hearing his story, and thus he decides to appear on the witness stand! But that changed the whole courtroom game! Meanwhile, Shin Joong Han questions a new suspect who seems more dangerous. Find out how the two will overcome the upcoming obstacles in One Ordinary Day Episode 7!

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Recap Of One Ordinary Day Ep 6 – Hyun Soo’s Last Moment Decision Changes The Route Of The Case

Ep 6 of One Ordinary Day shows Hyun Soo’s walk-through of the crime scene, which completely messes up after he passes out recalling all the events of that night. However, during that time, Shin Joong Han discovers new clues and new suspects, such as Hong Duk Hwa’s friends Yoon Hyo Jung, Uhm Ki Jong, and an ex-sex offender, truck driver Lee Chul Ho. During his trial, Seo Soo Jin perfectly defends Hyun Soo. She re-directs all evidence in a new way. After all, there is no direct evidence against Hyun Soo. Therefore, Prosecutor Ahn provokes the emotional Hyun Soo, who gives in and appears on the witness stand.

One Ordinary Day Episode 7

Court Room Scene

Meanwhile, Shin Joong Han visits the track driver Lee Chul Ho. He was following Hong Guk Hwa the night she was murdered. However, the confrontation seems to go out of his hand as Lee Chul Ho attacks him. By ending, Prosecutor Ahn turns the entire case by attacking Hyun Soo’s mental instability. Eventually, when she asks if he really murdered or not, the exhausted Hyun Soo replies he doesn’t know, turning the whole case in the worst direction! Therefore, One Ordinary Day Episode 7 will enlighten a new part of this murder mystery!

One Ordinary Day Episode 7 Release Date

One Ordinary Day Episode 7 will be released on 18 December 2021 at midnight KST on Coupang Play. Now only the last two episodes have left! The recent episodes have exposed the other side of the chrysanthemum murder case. And even found some new suspects! Of course, those were questionable from the beginning. However, now we have some leads that the new suspects must be connected to Hong Guk Hwa’s murder in one or different way!

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More Suspects With New Clues Leading The Case In A Different Direction

In One Ordinary Day Episode 7, Lawyer Shin Joong Han will reveal their stories in court. Hong Guk Hwa’s two friends, Yoon Hyo Jung and Uhm Ki Jong, surely know something. One of them must be a drug supplier! There is one more suspect, the truck driver, Lee Chul Ho. He had once delivered a parcel to Hong Guk Hwa and even followed her the night she was murdered. So far, three suspects have come to light. Therefore, once Shin Joong Han questions them, we will find more clues about what happened that night.

One Ordinary Day Episode 7

Lee Chul Ho

Another clue that only Shin Joong Han found is a plate of fruits and a glass of alcohol in Hong Guk Hwa’s room. There are blood strains near the plate as if someone had put the blood-coated knife there. After all, two knives are missing from the kitchen. Therefore, Shin Joong Hand can use this in court to defend Kim Hyun Soo. Little by little, secrets are uncovered. Thus, the upcoming One Ordinday Day Episode 7 will lead the chrysanthemum murder case in a new direction.

Watch One Ordinary Day Korean Drama Ep 7 Online- Streaming Details

For South Korean viewers, One Ordinary Day is airing on Coupang Play at midnight KST, and on the same day at 2 pm, it will be out in Australia. As for the other nations, the drama will release on 17 December 2021 at 9.30 pm in India, 3 pm in the UK, and 10 am in the USA. Coupang Play is not available in other countries except for South Korea. Hence, global viewers can watch One Ordinary Day Korean drama on ViuTV with English Subtitles. But note that ViuTV also streams in only selected regions.

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