On My Block Season 2: Renewal, Release Date, News Updates, Cast And Spoilers

On My Block Season 1 is a hit both in the eyes of critics and audiences. The show amazed us with its portrayal of truth and depiction of race. It aired in the March of this year. But it’s one of those shows that didn’t make a first great impression, so as it advanced with time, I was hooked as a viewer. The young star cast steals the show and puts across certain things that are but a depiction of reality.

But because Season 1 left us with a major cliffhanger and didn’t quite conclude what it wanted to say, all of us were sure that we would get Season 2. Which is what exactly happened. Season 2 was renewed in the nick of time by Netflix immediately after Season 1 finished airing. Ever since that news, we cannot wait for Season 2 to air, and so that’s our topic for today.

OMB Season 2 Release Date

OMB Season 2: Release Date

On My Block Season 2 was renewed only in April of 2018. So if you think you are going to get Season 2 any time soon, probably stop there. That’s because it will take a minimum of 12 months for Netflix to come out with Season 2. That’s the minimum gap period, I mean. Neither Netflix not showrunners have said anything about the exact release date of On My Block. At best expect On My Block to air sometime in early 2019. I would place my bet upon March/ April/ May of 2019.

OMB Season 2: News Updates

So what we know for sure is that On My Block is to begin the filming process soon. When Brett Gray was quizzed on the same, he assured us that OMB would start filming in late September. So since it’s late September, I am guessing the OMB fam is all set to work. OMB Season 2 will have ten episodes for is to binge watch. We’ll probably see most of the cast members back. Which leads us to the topic of OMB Season 2 Cast.

OMB Season 2: Cast

Now major characters will be back. My only question is will Ruby and Olivia make it? After shooting a Quinceañera, they were seen fighting for their lives. So their return is debatable at this point in time. Guess only an official word will solve the mystery for us. But other than that, the cast on OMB includes:

Sierra Capri as Monse Finnie, Brett Gray as Jamal Turner, Diego Tinoco as Cesar Diaz and Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmin. You all must have seen Diego Tinoco’s Season 2 confirmation.

OMB Season 2: Spoilers

So for Season 2, first off all we shall deal will Ruby and Olivia’s fate. Will they make it? What happens if they are caught alive? Anyway, Sierra Capri has assured us of more drama and more laughs on OMB Season 2. Jamal Turner who is played by Brett Gray has said, “I try to be as open as possible with that, there’s not anything I want to happen but I’m excited to see more of Jamal’s family life and the pressure there was on him growing up in the circumstance along with Ruby, Monse, and Cesar. Having money now, seeing what decisions that pressure makes him do, and if that changes his character or not, is what I’m excited to see.”

For Season 2 creator Lauren Lungerich has asked us to expect the unexpected. The kids will be seen as heroes to their own stories and that no one will save them but they themselves will.

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