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Nurses Season 2 Episode 10: Release Date & Spoilers

Nurses Season 2 Episode 10 Release date
Nurses Season 2

Nurses season 2 episode 10 will continue to see our nurses deal with adverse circumstances with the patients. In a place where essentially each day is an intense challenge and replete with sadness, the recent events have become way direr. In the wake of an arriving pandemic, the patients are longing for their health-related wishes to come true. Having those wishes directed toward themselves, the nurses must contend with these wishes that they don’t have the power to grant.

Nurses season 2 episode 10 will be a continuation of episode nine’s helplessness. With the whole healthcare system in such a precarious place, the nurses have to, once again, put their struggles past them to help others. The following contains spoilers for episodes 9 and 10 of Nurses season 2. Proceed with caution!

Does Grace love dr. Wallace

A still from Nurses season 2, episode 9.

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Nurses is set in Toronto and follows five young nurses working on the frontlines of a busy downtown hospital. While they struggle with their own battles, they dedicate themselves to help others. From the very first day at the hospital, the nurses have to contend with some grave cases. Facing high-stakes situations is normal for them, whether it be fallout from a hate crime, a life-saving lung transplant for a teen, an opera singer with life-threatening throat issues, a Monk seeking spiritual journey before his death, a colleague’s daughter with alcohol poisoning, an ultra-religious patient jeopardizing his survival and many more. The show sees our nurses going through a great deal of stressful and frenetic situations. While they try and help doctors, tend to the patients, and save lives, they also have to support each other.

Nurses Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date

Nurses season 2 episode 10 is set to release on August 29, 2021. The episode will air on Global TV and be simultaneously available to stream on its official site. Each new episode airs on Global TV every Monday at 10/9 c.

Where to Stream Nurses Online?

You can catch Nurses season 2 episode 10 on the Global Channel when it airs at 10/9 c. Season 1 of Nurses is available to stream on Peacock. You can also stream the first season with Amazon but renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video. Other alternatives include iTunes and Google Play. At this moment, Nurses is also available to stream on NBC for its entire season, free of charge. For the Canadian audience as well as the international audience, Nurses is available to stream on Global TV.

Who is in the Cast of Nurses Season 2?

The ensemble cast of Nurses includes Tiera Skovbye, Natasha Calis, Jordon Johnson-Hinds, Sandy Sindhu, and Donald MacLean Jr. Supporting the nurses are a whole bunch of talented cast of characters. Nurses also stars Cathy White, Ryan-James Hatanaka, and Nicola Correia- Damude. Tiera stars as Grace Knight, a young nurse seeking a fresh start until someone from her past turns up. Calis plays Ashley Collins, an adrenaline junky who’s wild and unapologetic. The frenetic, fast-paced environment of St. Mary hospital is her motivation to work as a nurse there. Jordan plays Keon Colby, a former college football star trying to prove he’s more than just his past self.

Cast of Nurses Season 2

Cast of Nurses Season 2

Sindhu plays Nazneen Khan, a witty daughter of an affluent Indian family. Nazneen has moved to Canada and is now trying to reinvent herself. This is her first job ever. Donald plays Wolf Burke, a man with a soft heart who also has a secret he’s keeping from everyone. Cathy plays the head nurse and den mother of the new graduates, Sinead O’Rourke. Hatanaka plays the charming head of the ER, Dr. Evan Wallace. Along with so many other nurses in the hospital, Grace also has a crush on Wallace. And finally, Nicola plays Dr. Vanessa Banks, the smart and witty obstetrician/gynecologist.

Nurses Season 2 Episode 10 Spoilers

Episode 9 of Nurses season 2 saw our nurses dealing with uncertainty in their personal lives. Additionally, there’s an oncoming pandemic on the horizon too. With people longing for their wishes to come true regarding their health and loved ones, the nurses had to deal with the fact that they can’t make their wishes come true and make them understand the fact as well. It seems the bleakness of episode 9 continues in episode 10 as well. The hospital is facing a tragic and difficult spell, and our nurses have to contend with the challenging times. The whole healthcare system appears to be on the brink of tragic events in the wake of a pandemic. Mary’s nursing team must put their struggles aside to help the patients with everything on the line.

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