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Spoilers: Non Non Biyori Nonstop 10

Non Non Biyori Nonstop

Komari was busy with her studies, and  Natsumi visited her. She told Komaru about going out ad Koimaru said she is not interested. Natsumi tries to convince her, telling her about the ghost that they will see. Komaru replies that she is not a child to be scared of a ghost. The ghost doesn’t come out in the afternoon, and Natsumi reminds her about the other day it appeared. Komari reminds Natsumi that she is her older sister.

Natsume left the room, and Komari realizes that she is getting bored the whole day. Komari wanders around the house alone, thinking about what Natsume was telling her. She thinks Natsumi treats her like a child, and she heard some noise inside the house. Komari realizes that she is alone inside the house and started to think that it is a ghost. She shouts, don’t fool me; ghosts don’t come out during the day.

Non Non Biyori Nonstop 10 Release Date

Non Non Biyori Nonstop Episode 10 will release on Monday, 15 March 2021, at 1:35 JST on Crunchyroll and HIDIVE. The new episode will be available on Monday.

Take a look at the following preview and recap.

Previously on Non Non Biyori Nonstop 9

Komari tries to look at what makes noise and finds that Natsume has left the door open. A weasel scared her and wonders why it is inside the house. Renge, Hatori, and Konomi meet in the street, talking about what they must be doing. They decided that they should invite others to play with them, While Komari is trying to chase a weasel out of the house. She thinks that a weasel is scarier than a ghost.

Komari is worried about why they didn’t close the kitchen door.  Konomi calls Komari, but the signal got lost. Komaru started to think that a ghost passes the house. Hataru told Renge and Konomi that they would call Komari when they reach her house. Meanwhile, Konomi is wondering about the silent call and thinks that someone is trying to scare her. A weasel shows up behind her, and she decided to capture it.

Non Non Biyori Nonstop

Non Non Biyori Nonstop

Prank Call

It is not even scared of her when she is walking towards it. Konomi, Renge, Haturu arrive at Hataru’s house. Konomi thinks she should call Komari since the signal is back. Komari is wondering why a weasel is not scared of her. The telephone house ring again, and she wonders what is happening. Konomi thinks it is a prank call, and when she picks it up, she heard the voice saying I’m watching.

She put the cellphone down quickly and thinks that Natsumi was right about the daytime ghost. Komari realizes that a weasel is standing still, and she is receiving those calls; it means the ghost story is true. She looks at a weasel and comments that it is a ghost weasel that sends messages via phone. She tried to capture that weasel, and it fell on top of her face. Komari relaxed on the floor with a weasel on her face.

Natsume came back later and found that Komari is hiding. Komari explains everything that happened. Natsume said this is how Zashiki Warashi stories happen. Komari replies that she is not Warashi. They both relaxed, and Komaru started to knit a sweater for Hotaru. She made a seater that doesn’t have a hole on top. When Konomi tried, she finds that it has no hole. Komari thinks when she shows that sweater to Hotaru, she will lose her friendship dignity.

French Cuisine

Non Non Biyori Nonstop

Non Non Biyori Nonstop

Hotaru arrives and shows Komari the present she has made for her. Natsumi interferes to save Komari from embarrassment. She praises all the gifts that Komari made for Hotaru. Natsume shows Hotaru a sweater that looks like a snake, and she asks what it is. Natsume realizes that she has pulled the wrong one and said it is a fashionable scarf. Komari notices that Natsume is exaggerating too much, and she decided to tell Hotaru the truth.

She told Hotaru that she is not good at knitting and she was trying to impress her. Komari apologizes ad Hotaru is glad that she put in her effort. Hotaru told Komari that she would teach her how to knit. Later, Komari decided that she will be the one to cook dinner. Natsume and her brother realize that the worst is coming. She reminds Komari about her worst cooking.

Natsume comments that allowing Komari to cook is like poisoning food. Their mother arrived and said she enjoys Komari’s food. Natsume asks her mother if she allows a younger sister to poison the older one by her cooking. Komari comments that she will prove that she can cook delicious food. Komari decided to surprise Natsume by making a French Cuisine. Later in the evening, Natsume was stunned by Komari’s cooking.

Non-Non Biyori Nonstop 10 Preview

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