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Nintendo Switch Sports Release Date: What Games Will You Be Able To Play?

Nintendo Switch Sports: Release Date
Nintendo Switch Sports

Every fan of Nintendo wants to know what is next for the Switch? During their February 2022 online presentation of games and other contents, Nintendo Direct, one of the revelations was Nintendo Switch Sports. It was very shocking that Nintendo had not abandoned their Wii sports simulation franchise. What are the games in Nintendo Switch Sports? Will it work with motion sensing? When will it release? In this blog, we will discuss everything we know about the Nintendo Switch Sports in detail. Nintendo Switch Sports is a part of the Wii sports simulation video game franchise.

The Wii Sports franchise is a simulation game of various sports. The first game, Wii Sports, was released in 2006 for the Nintendo Wii. The first game had a total of five sports games, which Nintendo released to show the capability of the Wii remote. The sports in the game were Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing. Wii Sports achieved what Nintendo wanted the game to be, with a positive response from fans and critics alike. It is on the list of One of the Best Games ever made. Wii Sports was a huge success commercially, selling over 80 million copies worldwide. Wii Sports received a high-definition remake called Wii Sports Club, which was released in 2013. The game spawned a sequel named Wii Sports Resort in 2009. Wii Sports Resort also had a positive critical response and sold over 30 million copies.

What is Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports is an upcoming sports simulation video game by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch Sports will be the third main entry in the Wii Sports franchise. 

Nintendo Switch Sports: Release Date

Switch Sports

In Switch Sports, the players will use Joy-Cons, which have a gyroscope for motion sensing of the hands in the games. The Joy-Cons works when the players position it in such a manner that represents how an actual game is played. There will also be a Leg Strap for leg-related games like Football. 

The games coming in the Switch Sports Online are:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Chambara – Sword Fighting
  • Golf – This sport will not come on the release of the game. The developers have planned it to release in a free update in the fall season. 

Switch Sports will come with 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2, and free-for-all. In free-for-all, all the players can simultaneously play with no waiting time. 

Nintendo Switch Sports: Release Date

Nintendo Switch Sports

Switch Sports will provide the players to enjoy it with family and friends in their own house. The game will also come with a worldwide online multiplayer feature. One player will and can engage with other players from other corners of the world. The players can also match up with their friends for online multiplayer. The matches won in the online multiplayer will give players points. With these points, the players can earn in-game accessories like outfits, gear, sports accessories, etc. The rewards will renew and rotate every week, which will give a huge variety to the players. 

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Nintendo Switch Sports Release Date

When will this sports simulation Nintendo game release? Will it come this year? Nintendo announced Nintendo Switch Sports on 9 February 2022 during their online video game and content presentation, Nintendo Direct. 

There is two very good news for the players excited for this game. First is that Nintendo Switch Sports will release worldwide on 29 April 2022. Then what is the other good news? Well, the developers want the Switch Sports to release in a complete state, unlike the disaster releases that are happening nowadays in the gaming industry. So to achieve this, Nintendo will start an Online Play-Test for Switch Sports.

This online play-test will take feedback from the players for their online multiplayer games and improve the quality of the game. The registration for the Online Play-Test will start on 15 February at 5 pm PST, 6:30 am IST, and 1 am GMT. Players must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, even a trial, for access to Play-Test. 

Nintendo Switch Sports: Release Date

Switch Sports

The actual Online Play-Test will start from 18 February to 20 February 2022. The sports games playable in this Test are Tennis, Bowling, and Chambara. Switch Sports’ pre-order is now live both digitally and physically. If the players buy it physically, then they will get the Leg Strap included.

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