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Ninja Assassin Ending Explained: Did Raizo Achieve Retribution?

Ninja Assassin What Went Down in End?
From Ninja Assassin Featuring Rain as Raizo

Ninja Assassin came in 2009, crossing over with a noir crime drama involving Ninjas. James McTeigue directed the film based on a story written by Matthew San with J. Michael Straczynski on the writing team as well. The film was released on November 25, 2009, to mixed reviews. While everyone adored the brutal action sequences at the same time, the movie was criticized for its not-so-convincing plot. Ninja Assassin tells the story of an Orphan ninja looking for revenge from his mentor since the time he killed the love of his life. The film stars  South Korean pop musician Rain and Ninja movie legend Sho Kosugi along with Naomie Harris and Ben Miles.

While Ninja Assassin may look like a straightaway revenge film. There are a few arcs that need to be taken a look at. The reason that changed Raizu’s aim towards becoming the successor of the Ozunu clan. How he manages to take down Lord Ozunu despite Ozunu being a lot stronger than Rizu? Plus, how did Mika manage to survive the same stroke that killed Kiriko in the first place? Lastly, did Raizo find the retribution he was seeking for? Let’s take a look at what Ninja Assasin is all about and what more can break down from it.

Ninja Assassin Plot Summary

Ninja Assassin follows the story of an Orphan named Raizo. Along with the other Orphans, Raizo has been training to be a Ninja under the guidance of Lord Ozunu of the Ozunu clan. The Ozunu Clan is one of the fiercest clans of Ninjas relevant for thousands of years. They have been carrying out high-profile assassinations for years in exchange for money. Raizo passionately follows the extreme methods of the Ozunu Clan. Thus making him the fit successor of the clan. Amidst the brutal life of a ninja, Raizo eventually meets a kunoichi named Kiriko, whose love for helping others with her techniques eventually makes him fall for her.

Story Of Ninja Assassin

From Ninja Assassin Featuring Rain as Raizo and Naomie Harris as Mika Coretti

As Raizo and Kiriko get close to each other, their paths were pretty different. Raizo wanted to stay to be the successor, whereas Kiriko was looking to escape to live a different life. On her way out, she asks Raizo to come along to which denies. The clan later catches up to her and dubs her a traitor. This resulting in elder ninja brother Takeshi executing her right in front of Raizo.

Years after Kiriko’s assassination, Raizu has trained and become what he wanted to be. Thus, completing his first mission. But something with the mission doesn’t fit right. As Raizo is about to execute another Kunuichi traitor, the scenario reminds him of Kirko. Thus changing his mind and betraying his ninja brothers, and going up against Lord Ozunu. While Raizp gets on his new mission, someone else is on the same. Europol agent Mika Coretti is looking after the murders, possibly having a connection to Ozunu. This leads her to cross paths with Raizo soon, and now both are on the run as they fight ninjas hell-bent on taking them down to kill.

Ninja Assassin Ending Explained

The ending of Ninja Assassin saw the ninjas of the Ozunu clan managing to get their hands on Raizo. They take him to Lord Ozuno to execute him for the betrayal. During the same time, Raizo continues to heal himself. Eventually, the military makes their presence felt to aid Raizo to take on the ninjas in their own ways. They manage to locate Raizos thanks to the tracking device Mika fit on Raizo during their stint at the motel. A mess grows, leading Mika to help free Raizo. What we witness next is an intense battle between Raizu and Takeshi, the man who killed Kiriko. Raizo manages to defeat him but going sword to sword with Lord Ozunu wasn’t an easy task.

The MEaning Of Ninja Assasin's End

From Ninja Assassin Featuring Rain as Raizo

Raizo acknowledges he may never defeat Lord Ozunu owing to the experience and expertise of his mentor. Only until Mika interferes to save a losing Raizo. Thus leading Ozunu to attack Mika at heart to kill her. The scenario enrages fire inside Raizo, who uses shadow blending technique to take the shot at Lord Ozunu, eventually killing him.

As the fight ends and a fire starts going. Raizo goes to aid Mika. He almost thought she was dead until he puts her hand on her chest to realize she has a special heart. She has a heart on the right side. So she manages to survive. The final moments see Raizu nurturing the place where he grows up. He moves on and climbs the same wall once Kiriko did to find a beautiful scenario and the freedom she told him about. For all these years, he carried this guilt of letting her cross it and die but no more as his revenge is complete and he is free as ever now.

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