Nick Grimshaw’s Boyfriend: Who is the Radio Presenter Dating Now in 2021?

Nick Grimshaw Boyfriend
Nick Grimshaw Boyfriend, Meshach Henry

You might have heard this Radio Presenter On BBC 1 multiple times, Nick Grimshaw is one of the most recognized and famous of all the BBC 1 radio hosts. If you are his fan, you might have wondered who is the presenter dating right now? The presenter has always tried to keep his private life low-key. Hence, his fans do not always get to know the good and bad things going on in the celebrity’s life. However, recently Grimshaw has been sharing a bit about his relationship with his fans. In this article, we will get to know more about Nick Grimshaw’s sexuality, his relationship, and his new dating life.   

Nick Grimshaw’s full name is Nicholas Peter Andrew Grimshaw and he was born on August 14, 1984. His career took off when he had joined BBC 1 in 2007. His popularity started to skyrocket when he finally got to host “The Breakfast Show”. This was one of the most popular shows from BBC which the audience would make sure to catch. This gave Grimshaw a far broader area to fly and even increased his fan base. He started to welcome various popular celebrities in the show, and soon he became a popular name not only among the common people but also among celebs. 

Who is Nick Grimshaw’s Dating?

As someone in the public eye, dating is always a difficult area to handle. It was more difficult for Grimshaw as he had to host the morning show. However, another thing that had kept him from dating was his sexuality. Back in the 2010s, people were not very open about homosexual relationships, hence Grimshaw had to be extremely careful about his private life and also dating life. However, things started to change in 2018. This was also the time when he had finally resigned from BBC 1 as a radio host. Perhaps, that also gave him a proper life to start dating. So whom did Grimshaw date? Is he still dating the person now?

Nick Grimshaw's Boyfriend
Nick Grimshaw and Meshach Henry

Grimshaw had met his boyfriend, Meshach Henry back in 2018. The story of how they met was a typical dating story. Apparently, Grimshaw was with one of his friends and they were standing in the line to get into a pub, in London. He saw Henry there, and found him attractive, but did not do anything. However, his friend had gone up to him later on and introduced Grimshaw. Apparently, she had already told Henry about Grimshaw’s interest in him. After that, both of them seemed to have been together almost all the time. Henry is a British dancer, who has also performed for BBC’s various shows. 

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Though it did get some time to put it out there. However, when Grimshaw had finally announced his relationship, his fans were extremely supportive of it. In fact, recently, in BBC’s “Two’s Walking With” Grimshaw had revealed that both of them are now thinking about the next step. The couple is looking forward to adopting a baby now. This is a huge step for them as a couple, and they are more than happy to announce it for the fans. 

Nick Grimshaw and Louis Tomlinson

Radio hosts are also known for getting into feuds with celebrities. Sometimes, they might say things that will not sit well with the celebrity they are talking to. Hence, it might give rise to some sort of dispute. Back in 2013, Grimshaw was quite close to various celebrities due to his popularity in “The Breakfast Show”. He was friends with Harry Styles, who was then a part of One Direction. The feud between Louis Tomlinson started when the singer had tweeted about not being able to go out because of being called a slur. Grimshaw had thought that Tomlinson was just complaining about his popularity. 

Nick Grimshaw and Louis Tomlinson
Nick Grimshaw and Louis Tomlinson

This Twitter feud was quite big back then. Even Zayn Malik had retaliated against Grimshaw. A lot of fo Directioners had also attacked Grimshaw for not only that comment but for his other works too.     

Nick Grimshaw Age

Nick Grimshaw was born on August 14, 1984. Hence, his age will be 37. After leaving BBC 1, the radio host had not made many appearances in any radio shows, as a presenter. However, he has been making a lot of appearances in reality TV shows. His most famous appearance was in “The X Factor” where he had been the judge for the 12th season. For some reason, he had refused to come back for the next season. 

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