Nick Florescu Divorce: All About Dominique Sachse’s Husband

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Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu
Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu

Dominique Sachse has been ever-present on the Youtube scene while rumors circle around claiming that she has had a divorce from her husband, Nick Florescu. Dominique Sachse is an Emmy award-winning Journalist, YouTube, and Influencer. You will see her mostly as a news anchor in KPRC 2 News. She covers the news from 6 to 10 p.m. She had covered quite a lot of important issues over time. This made her shoot up in ranks. Now she mostly uses her YouTube and social media platforms to spread awareness among the people.

In this article, however, we will have a look into the details about her husband, Nick Florescu. Though he is not her first husband, their bond seems to be quite strong. You will be quite surprised to find out that even this was the second marriage for Florescu. He is a businessman and likes to keep a low-key private life. While rumors surrounding their divorce are making a shift, we shall look closely into them to identify if they are true or not.

Nick Florescu net worth
Nick Florescu

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Nick Florescu Divorce

If you are wondering if Nick Florescu has had a divorce from his wife, Sachse, then you need not worry as their marriage is quite safe, and they are enjoying their marital bliss. 

The businessman has been divorced before, but he wants to keep his life as private as possible. You would hardly find any information about him before his marriage to Sachse. All we know about his divorce is that he has five children from his first wife.

Who was Nick Florescu’s First Wife?

As mentioned before, there is hardly any information about the businessman’s life before his marriage to Sachse. You will be quite surprised to know that even Sachse is secretive about her first husband. The couple regards the privacy of their family members, and has made sure not to reveal the name of their exes. 

Florescu is the father of five children. They are named Elle, Bella, Nicky, Ava, and Alex. We can say that his marriage was quite an old one, as the youngest of them, Alex, is in his late 20s now.

We can only assume that the marriage might have got over recently, perhaps after meeting with Sachse. What is also interesting is that even Sachse has a son from her first marriage. Perhaps what got them together was how similar their life was.

Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu
Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu

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Who Is Nick Florescu and his Net Worth

It would be quite wrong to say that Nick Florenscu is famous just because of his wife. He has made a business empire that faced quite some struggles and hardships on the way. 

Florescu is known as the central head of The Centrade USA Inc. ever since 1991. The hardworking businessman was born on October 31, 1953, in the USA. He also belongs to Romanian ancestry. He got his college degree from Boston College in the year 1974.

Though he had not right away started with his business, he had worked in different fields. Starting from an Oil Sector, in trades as a broker, he finally settled for marketing. After he founded his company, in quite some time, he has managed to grow his company through online marketing and advertisements. He had made sure to adapt to the changing times to grow the company. 

His company has grown quite a lot, and as of recently, Nick Florescu’s net worth is near about $10 million.

Nick Florescu Accident

Quite recently, it has been reported that Florescu had to go through a terrible accident. The businessman was trying to clean the swimming pool with his children. Unfortunately, he had a terrible slip and fall case. Immediately he had fallen on his face, broke his nose. Once when he was taken to the hospital, it was found out that he had also broken three fingers in his right hand. 

The accident was quite an unfortunate one, and recently in an interview, Sachse has revealed that he is doing much better. He has been released out of the hospital and is recovering. 

Nick Florescu and Dominique Sachse

Nick Florescu met his present wife back in 2012. Florescu was already divorced by the time. They were meant to be as they just got married within three months of knowing each other. Their lives were quite similar to each other, and perhaps that’s what brought them closer.

Nick Florescu and Dominique Sachse
Nick Florescu and Dominique Sachse wedding

Now they are living a blissful life together, with their children.   

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