A-1 Pictures verified it was working on the anime’s season, and the Internet did not waste any time exciting the announcement.

Recently, Dengeki Bunko Magazine published its latest issue, and the magazine had an interview with Sword Art Online’s authors. Keiichi Sigsawa opened up on his work on Gun Gale Online while Reki Kawahara’s main series received spotlight as well. It was there fan-translators detected more about Sword Art Online’s next season.

It seems like Sword Art Online’s comeback may be further out than fans thought.

On Twitter, Gsimenas summarized necessary bits from the interview. He said the feature “hints that AGGO anime would come before Alicization” and act as “an appetizer before the main course.”

“Though the movie’s gathering gave Alicization the green-light. Hence, the anime production has only just begun.”

If you have followed up with Sword Art Online, then you will know the franchise saw its first film appearance this year.
SAO: Ordinal Scale reintroduced Kirito to the public, and it concluded with a tag-scene teasing the anime’s coming. The post-credits scene got us buzzing, and it seems like the follower’s reactions were sufficient to convince A-1 Pictures to push forward with more anime.

For Season 3 we probably have to wait until 2019 or even 2020 to see it appear. So, here’s to wishing the animation studio succeeds to streamline the project.

The Alicization arc is supposed to be in-between volume 9 through 18 of the original novel series! Sword Art Online the franchise has extended to keep its presence in the pool of anime, manga, and games in the industry.


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