The official website for the second season of Senran Kagura recently streamed the first promotional video. This season is titled as, Senran Kagura Shinovi Master -Tokyo Yōma-hen-, the anime is supposed to air in October on AT-X. The promotional video also previews the opening theme song “Scarlet Master,” which is performed by the singer, Sayaka Sasaki, who also performed the opening of the first season.

Senran Kagura Season 2 Promotional Video and Visual

The website also released a visual for Senran Kagura Season 2 which features, Yumi and Fubuki.

Senran Kagura Season 2 Staff

Prop Design: Yasuhiro Moriki,
Yutaka Miya Art Setting: Junko Nagasawa (Production ai)
Art Director: Yoshimi Umino (Production ai)
Color Design: Aiko Matsuyama (Typhoon Graphics)
Director of Photography: Hiroyuki Chiba (Anime Film)
Editing: Takashi Sakurai (Typhoon Graphics)
Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita
Music: Noisycroak
Sound Production: Lantis

Senran Kagura Season 2 Release Date :

The second season of the Senran Kagura is supposed to air in October 2018. No other details were revealed about this season. And that’s all we have, for now; we will keep you posted with the latest news and updates on Senran Kagura Season 2.


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