Previously Katakuri had controlled the fight in the mirror world, with Luffy looking likely to lose with almost any real resistance.

Katakuri has better Armament Haki, his devil fruit is more versatile and awakened and to exceed it off, his Observation Haki is leagues beyond Luffy.

one piece manga 885

So, what will happen in Chapter 885 – [SPOILERS]

Luffy vs. Katakuri

Luffy thinks that he’s figured out how to beat Katakuri’s defense but he, unfortunately, runs out of Haki and he can’t use Gear 4 for 10 min again, and he needs to find a plan to delay until he gets his haki back. Luffy tries to escape for ten mins, Katakuri goes after him to prevent him from running.


Luffy Vs AkainuLuffy tricks Brulee into taking him and her out of the mirror-world, they’re on the nuts island, with Big mom and Prospero, The big mom pirates there attacks Luffy, Luffy runs, gets followed by Big Mom on the wave. The big mom pirates are all assembled at the border of Totto land, or whatever, and Smoothie is there. Back on Cacao, the cake is finished.

11 Members strawhats crew

The previous chapter shows us that it will take many hours to make that cake. Since it’s mentioned that the cake is ready, the only idea this makes sense that there was a time skip in within which Oda would show us later.

You guys apparently know that Whole Cake Island is nearing towards its ending now.

His first priority in this arc was getting Sanji back and then flee to Wano, Though the situation is different from Enies Lobby. There are some powerful opponents here, Luffy used Gear 4 three times in this arc if I remember correctly, which take a lot of energy to use.


Luffy Accidentally Becomes The Most Wanted Man In Series (Photos Revealed)

Monkey D. Luffy is a Captain of the Mugiwara Pirates and a member of the Worst Generation. Out of the 11 Supernovas.
Luffy has grown to be an extraordinary pirate, and he continues to grow at a frightening rate.

A bounty is in itself an agreement to the public at large. The government is issuing a call to the people to help in the capture and concluding execution of someone considered outside the law. It is them asking for help in exchange for Money as a reward. The point of a bounty is to lure bounty hunters to the hope of money.

The higher the bounty, the more likely a well-known bounty hunter will respond to the call. When a prize is raised, it is the acceptance of the government that they are not able to deal quietly with the problem at hand, and are asking for help from bounty hunters.

The highest bounty showed in One Piece
1. Charlotte Katakuri – 1,057,000,000

2. Jack “The Drought” – 1,000,000,000

In the latest One Piece episode 812, the release featured something strange. After Big Mom Pirates captured nami and Luffy, the two were locked away in the captain’s Prison to await Big Mom’s decision.

When she comes down to visit Luffy, Big Mom and her brood are seen looking through the book containing Nami and Luffy. The pair has a Details written out in Japanese, but there is one part about Luffy’s details which needs no translation.

As you can see, Luffy’s details contain the line, “5,000,000,000 bellies.” Fans will know bellies are money in the One Piece world

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