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Dragon Ball Super To Get 700 Episodes?!

Dragon Ball Super 700 episodes

Dragon Ball Super started 2 years ago, but it feels like it reached 100 episodes very quick. According to Goku’s Japanese voice actress Masako Nozawa, Dragon Ball Super may be getting 700 Episodes.

Toei Animation’s official site released latest comments by Masako Nozawa(voice of Goku). She commemorates about the fact that Dragon Ball Super has reached 100 episodes so fast! It all happened so fast and she wants it to keep going on.

dragon ball super 700 episodes
Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 highlights

Dragon Ball Super 700 Episodes And Scans

The following translation and screenshot is provided by Todd Blankenship.

The Comment in Japanese –


English Translation –

A comment from MAsako Nozawa:

We hit 100 episodes in the blink of an eye! I was shocked when I heard about it! at this rate, we;ll probably reach 200 episodes in another eyeblink! Lately I’ve been receiving messages at my house from fans almost daily; it makes me so happy. Even when I’m out walking, people often tell me “I watch the show every week” or “it’s so interesting”. My goal is for Dragon Ball Super to reach 700 episodes(7 for the number of Dragon Balls), so all you fans, please keep cheering me on.

As the translation states, she’s hoping for 700 episodes and hinted that it may actually happen as to correspond to the 7 dragon balls. We don’t know how long this may run but I think Dragon Ball Super would go around at least 300 episodes. There’s so much content right now from which the future arcs could be based upon and we always have those fillers no matter how annoying they are.

Episode 100 Summary

Japanese –

悟空(声:野沢雅子)たち第7宇宙と対を成す第6宇宙はやはり強敵だった。 ベジータ(声:堀川りょう)はボタモ(声:高戸靖広)、マゲッタ(声:龍田直樹)のコンビに苦戦を強いられていた。そこへキャベ(声:岸尾だいすけ)までもベジータへ向かっていく。他所ではヒット(声:山路和弘)が第3宇宙を相手にその実力をみせつける。一方第6宇宙の女サイヤ人ケール(声:ゆかな)は怖気づき、迫る敵に一方的に打ちのめされていた。すかさず、もう1人の女サイヤ人カリフラ(声:小松由佳)が助けに入る。カリフラはケールに自信を持って本来の力を発揮するよう発破をかけ、2人で悟空に勝負を挑む。悟空とカリフラが激しく闘う中、ケールに異変が…!

English Translation –

As expected, Goku and the rest of the Universe 7 team’s counterparts from Universe 6 are formidable foes. Vegeta is stuck in a tough fight against Botamo and Magetta’s combo. Next even Cabba heads for Vegeta. Elsewhere Hit shows his power off against Universe 3. Meanwhile Universe 6’s female Saiyan Kale loses her nerve and is one-sidedly beaten up on by the approaching enemies. Before long though, the other female Saiyan Caulifla comes to her aid. Caulifla gives Kale a pep talk to raise her true power, and the two of them challenge Goku to battle. As Goku and Caulifla fight fiercely, something strange happens to Kale…!

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