Hey everyone!In this post, I want to talk about the Psycho Pass series, an upcoming movies. It looks like the Psycho Pass series is picking pace as we already have an anime series on the way, scheduled for 2019. Both Psycho Pass, and Psycho Pass 2 we’re quite popular, and I think everyone among the fans like them a lot. Psycho Pass 2 aired was the last series we got, and it aired back in 2014. While it wasn’t as popular as Psycho Pass, it did attract quite a lot of people, and I think it enjoyed decent success in the anime industry. It makes sense for them to come out with yet another series, which will air in January 2019.

Psycho Pass movies

But that’s not all that there is for the fans of the Psycho Pass series. According to Yonkou Productions, 3 new Psycho Pass movies are going to be released sometime soon in the future. In 2015, we got the Psycho Pass movie, which received mixed reviews from the audience. I thought it was decent, but some things could’ve been better. Now, we have 3 more movies set to released, and I hope they’re better than the one we got last time. I have no idea when the first movie will premiere, or what the story is about. For now, there is no information we have on all that. However, we’ll soon find out more about how the story will pan out over the 3 movies, and the upcoming anime series.

Psycho Pass movies

With the anime set for January of 2019, I don’t think the movies will premiere anytime soon. Maybe we’ll get the first movie before the anime begins, and then two after the anime. Or we could get all 3 after the anime, with one movie airing each year. But that’s just my thoughts on how I think they’ll handle it. Either way, if you’re a fan of Psycho Pass, it is time to get excited. The revival of the series in on course. That’s all I have for you guys, for now.


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