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Is Netflix’s The Stranger Season 2 Happening? Everything We Know About the Renewal Status

The Stranger Season 2
Netflix's The Stranger Season 2

The British Netflix thriller The Stranger Season 2 is up for grabs. After the streaming giant platform managed to adapt Harlan Coben’s book. And they brought the same man who penned the book to do it. To begin, if you’re not familiar with The Stranger, the premise is fairly simple: What would you do if a man came out of nowhere to tell you that your entire life is a lie? Well, I bet that that would have a big impact on your psyche.

In the case of The Stranger, this strange person is a woman who becomes a central piece to the thriller series. It’s one of those binge-worthy series which you can watch in one entire weekend with your significant other over a bottle of wine, some popcorn and with the blinds shut. After all, it’s the time to get warm and cozy, and if you’re not in the mood for a Christmas movie and feel like a thriller, “The Stranger” would make an excellent choice for these cold winter nights where the mood for quality streaming entertainment just hits you differently. Now without any further ado, let’s begin taking a look at The Stranger here at Otakukart.

The Stranger Season 2

Is The Stranger Season 2 Canceled or Renewed?

The Stranger Season 2 Renewal Status

The Stranger Season 2 hasn’t been officially greenlit by Netflix yet. In consequence, it might be a while if we see another season of this show. Season two is entirely up for grabs, bear in mind that the Netflix series drop in an almost annual manner. But “The Stranger” is almost a stand-alone series if you focus entirely on its central plotlines. So, a second season might take a little more time to actually come to fruition. Rest assured that as soon as there is an official update, we will post new information for you here at Otakukart.

The Stranger Season 1 Trailer:

Where to Watch The Stranger?

If you want to watch The Stranger, your only option is the streaming platform giant Netflix. Firstly, this show is a Netflix Original production. Consequently, you’re going to need a subscription to this service to enjoy this series. Secondly, luckily for you, Netflix is the world’s largest streaming platform, and it is widely available in most countries, at a very accessible monthly price (US$ 8,99 for SD resolution, US$ 17,99 for 4K) and on almost every single device. An essential subscription grants you unlimited ad-free access to Netflix’s ever-expanding catalog.

The Stranger Season 2 Potential Plotlines

Season 1 ends in the same manner as the original story from the book, in the end, the stranger’s identity is revealed. Firstly, Christine, Adam’s half-sister, was employed by the head coach to dig up dirt on Corrine. Secondly,  Christine absorbs a bullet which Katz fires at Adam during an encounter, saving his life. When Doug confesses to murdering Corrine, Adam fires and kills him. It is discovered that Johanna assisted Adam in covering up Doug’s murder and pinning it on Katz, who is about to be sentenced. Christine is shown watching Ryan’s football game from a distance near the end.

Season 2 might begin with Adam’s fresh set of secrets, as we know he murdered Doug Tripp and Johanna assisted him in framing Patrick Katz. Will Christine remain to be The Stranger and exploit people’s secrets? Another possibility would be that the second season may introduce a whole fresh mystery with new characters, changing the show into an anthology series similar to ‘The Sinner.’

The Stranger Season 1 Ending Explained

The Stranger revolves around a family man called Adam. When his son plays a soccer game, a mysterious woman shows up and tells him that his wife Corinne lied to him in regards to her pregnancy. She’d had a miscarriage and asked him to get some special genetic testing on his sons before going away. That crucial piece of intel shook the man. After all, how could this woman know about all this? After that, Corinne disappeared without a trace, and he begins to find out what had happened.

The series basically ends when Johanna gets close to Adam as he’s watching his son play a match at the club some six months later after all the facts. We learn that Johanna —a detective— helped Adam cover everything up. Since Adam killed Tripp, she helped him cover it up and made everything nice and tidy so it’d look as though it was Katz who also committed the crime. As you will see from our scoop, Katz is also responsible for Heidi’s demise.

Who Was The Stranger?

Hannah John-Kamen played The Stranger, the key central character. As the series progressed, she shows up and talks to several characters and shocked them with revelations regarding their past. With secrets so intimate that drives the characters into often fatal repercussions. By the next-to-last episode, we learn that this woman’s identity is Christine Killane, daughter to Martin, who killed his wife when she tried to leave him. Consequently, if you follow carefully the plot, you now understand that the victim was the mother of the Stranger.

Later on, by the end of the series, we find out that Christine’s biological father was Ed Price, who was having an affair with Martin Killane’s wife. And it turns out that Christine is a half-sister to Adam. And that’s quite a plot twist, which explains why she knows so much. But that’s not the entire explanation. Only on one part, because Christine was also a veteran extortionist. Who dug up people’s dirty secrets and blackmailed them in exchange for money and her silence. Her motives to have this sort of career path were none other than the murder of her mother.

The Stranger Season 2

Stills from Netflix’s The Stranger Season 1

What Happened With Katz?

Patrick Katz killed Heidi, but then we find out that he’s a cop friend to Detective Johanna Griffin. And the rest of the story is basically Johanna trying to find out Katz is guilty because the man acts as loose cannon. Why did Katz kill Heidi? Well, it’s because of Christine’s extortion rackets. She was extorting Heidi for her daughter’s inappropriate use of an app to date rich old guys. And when Heidi acquiesces to Christine’s blackmail, another man who uses the app was also being blackmailed. But the man wasn’t willing to pay up.

Since Katz was looking for a side hustle to his police work, he was doing private investigator work to make ends meet. And he was called upon by this rich, old dude not willing to acquiesce into blackmail. Katz starts trailing and finds out who’s Heidi. Kills her and framed a different suspect. So he picked up on the missing Corrine. Katz’s story basically ends after he shoots Christine.

How did Corrine Die?

Corrine, Adam’s wife, died. Her disappearance took place shortly after she told Adam the truth about her pregnancy. So, how did she die? She was murdered by Tripp. Who is Tripp? The Price’s neighbor and close friend. Since Corrine turned out as a top suspect for financial fraud for mishandling monies from the sports club and later being armed for Heidi’s disappearance. But when Adam finds out that in fact, it was Tripp who was bilking the money. It was too late.

Tripp murdered Corrinne and buried her in the woods. He used a hammer. Why did Tripp do it? Because Corrine asked him about the money. After killing her, Tripp takes her phone and texts Adam telling him that Corinne would be gone for some time. Later on, Tripp confides in Adam his heinous acts. And Adam, in a fit of rage, shoots the man dead with a gun he procured from the problem between Katz and Christine.

What happens to Dante?

One of the plotlines that are exclusive to the series is one about Dante, the school student who winds up in a coma after a party. Meanwhile, Mike viciously beheaded a poor alpaca because Daisy drugged him because she believed that he’d leaked some nudes of her sister. But it wasn’t him, it was Olivia, Katz’s daughter. This is basically filler. As they don’t have anything to do with Corrine. But in regards to Dante, he’s in a coma, the poor kid ends up naked after Daisy pulls a nasty joke on him. With this, we conclude our scoop on Netflix’s The Stranger. Thanks for reading our recap, please keep coming back to our website for all your Netflix Originals shows. We post daily updates on all major platforms’ contents releases, movies, and series.

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