‘Netflix’ Discontinued The Written Review System And Here Is Why

Netflix discontinued written review system?

Netflix recently announced that it would remove the review section from the platform. Which means, there will be no written reviews from now on. Strange, isn’t it? Because many of you might not even know that a written review and comment section even existed. So let’s get some more information regarding the issue.

Was there a written review section on Netflix?

First of all, yes, there was a written review section on Netflix. But you might be wondering how did we miss that portion? So let me explain more about it. The written review section was visible only in the web version of the portal. The written review section was there from the beginning of Netflix service, since 1998. When people used to buy DVDs and then write the review on the Netflix website.

Why was written review system discontinued?

Unfortunately, the written review feature was discontinued because Netflix thought that there are a very few people using the feature. Netflix stopped the service from 30 June and is working to remove all the existing reviews from the website and will remove all the comments till mid-august. Now, Netflix will suggest shows based on the name of shows a viewer often watches. Also, the genre that a viewer usually opts for will also be one of the key factors for suggesting the shows.

Netflix discontinued written review system?

Netflix constantly tries to make the platform better and better, that is why it abolished the star rating review system. Which dominated the website, and people thought that show with more stars are good and fewer stars are not good; which is rubbish thinking, because some people do not even like those movies which have won Oscars. And some low budget twisted storyline shows might be loved by a group. So, Netflix replaced the star ratings, and it has brought a thumbs up and down the system, and it is quite interesting.

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