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What To Expect From Navillera Episode 7?

South Korean drama Navillera

Navillera Episode 7 is about to release next. Till now, 6 episodes of the drama have been released so far. Navillera is an ongoing South Korean television series. Navillera also means like a butterfly. The series, after much thought, was adapted from the webtoon “Navillera” written by Hun and illustrated by Ji Min. The drama starring Park In Hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon Hee, and Hong Seung Hee is currently streaming on the international broadcasting network Netflix.

The drama is making headlines for its unique and passionate performance by the actors. The veteran actors Park In Hwan, and Na Moon Hee are both doing a fabulous job in their parts. The emotions they display on screen can be directly felt by the viewers. The unique storyline focusing on the needs and dreams of a human being irrespective of age is much appreciated. No matter what our age is, we should never stop dreaming. This is the case with the main character of our drama, Shim Deok Chul. He not only dreams of himself but inspires people around him to live the same way. He helps the ones in need and realizes it is never too late to start afresh. The drama releases on the original network tvN every Monday and Tuesday.


A still from Navillera

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What to expect from Navillera Episode 7

Navillera Episode 7 will pretty much resolve from where it ended in episode 6. In episode 6, we saw Yang Ho Beom tries to pick up a fight with Lee Chae Rok. Amidst the verbal fight between the two, Lee Chae Rok accidentally fell off the stair and broke his leg. Though he qualified for the second round with a cast on his leg, will he perform? Shim Deok Chul further lashes out at Yang Ho Beom for his behavior and helps his most to put back the courage in Lee Chae Rok. Lee Chae Rok gets heartbroken for his injury in the leg, but Shim Deok Chul, along with Choi Hae Nam, try their best to uplift him. An injured Lee Chae Rok helps Shim Deok Chul in his practicing for ballet. Relationships grow stronger between Shim Eun Ho and Lee Chae Rok.


A Still from k-drama Navillera

After Shim Deok Chul helps Chae Rok in possibly everything, this results in him healing faster. Shim Deok Chul and Choi Hae Nam go for an outing where Shim Deok Chul suddenly disappears. A tensed Choi Hae Nam calls Lee Chae Rok and informs about the same. The 6th episode ended on that point. In episode 7, we’ll see Lee Chae Rok searching for Shim Deok Chul everywhere possible. Ki Seung Joo tells Chae Rok his expectations of ballet from him. while Shim Deok Chul practices hard knowing, he started late, and he truly wishes to perform on stage once. With a lot of twists and new explanations, the next episode will surely reveal a lot.

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The Cast of Navillera


The Main lead of Navillera

The drama has been adapted from the webtoon “Navillera” written by Hun and illustrated by Ji Min. The direction of the drama has been done under Han Dong Hwa and the screenwriting under Lee Eun Mi. Park In Hwa has been cast for the role of Shim Deok Chul. Song Kang has been cast as Lee Chae Rok. Na Moon Hee as Choi Hae Nam and Hong Seung Hee as Shim Eun Ho. Many other actors and actresses have been cast as support roles and guest roles. Navillera is also popularly known as Like as butterfly or Nabillera. The genres of the drama include friendship, life, drama, and family. With an utterly great performance from the actors, the show is doing great, and the next episode will release in less than 4 days.


The main lead actress of Navillera

Navillera Episode 7 Release Date

Navillera Episode 7 will release on 12th April 2021. Till now, 6 episodes have been released so far. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday on the original network tvN. Navillera has a total of just 12 episodes and will go off air on 27th April 2021. With each episode with a duration of approx 1hr 5min, the drama shows us the worth of time and dreams in our lives beautifully. The drama all airs internationally on the streaming site Netflix along with subtitles. Based on a webtoon, the drama performs really well with exceptionally good character presentation by the actors.

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