Natasha Returns In ‘And Just Like That’ Episode 3

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“And Just Like That” Episode 3 will mark the return of a significant character from the original series. Natasha is back and with her has also returned Carrie’s old self. At least that’s what the official promo and synopsis seem to suggest. Following the somber and heavy episode 2, it looks like we’re going to have a breather from grief and a return to some light-hearted fun. In the trailer for the next episode, Charlotte and Miranda are accompanying Carrie in her efforts at possibly confronting Natasha about something.

Natasha, meanwhile, is doing her best to avoid Carrie, even blocking her on Instagram. Carrie is also looking to sell her apartment. The promo shows her informing Miranda and Charlotte that she can’t live in the apartment anymore. The reason, she states, is that she feels haunted. Following Big’s death, it’s easy to understand why Carrie would now like to move. She has not been able to sleep well ever since he passed away. A change of place might do her good. Meanwhile, the other girls will also be dealing with their battles. Let’s now delve into all that episode 3 of “And Just Like That” will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Natasha in And Just Like That
Natasha will return in episode 3 of “And Just Like That”

And Just Like That Episode 3 Release Date & Preview

“And Just Like That” Episode 3 is set to release on December 16. The episode will see the return of a major character — Big’s ex-wife Natasha. The official synopsis states, “Upon learning of a surprising development concerning Big’s ex-wife, Carrie seeks answers.” From the official promo for the upcoming episode, it’s clear that Carrie is stalking Natasha, with Charlotte and Miranda accompanying her.

However, it’s unclear why they’re prying like that. Meanwhile, as the official synopsis adds, Charlotte will be worrying about a revelation. This revelation, possibly about some character, is one that she didn’t expect. It likely has something to do with someone in her family. As for who specifically, we’ll have to wait and find out.

Watch And Just Like That Episode 3 Online — Streaming Details

Episode 3 of “And Just Like That” will premiere on HBO Max on December 16, at 3:00 am ET. New episodes air weekly on HBO every Thursday at the scheduled time slot. You can watch “And Just Like That” online on HBO Max and other platforms that are affiliated with the streamer. One of such services is Hulu with the HBO add-on. If you have a cable subscription, you can also catch the show online on HBO’s official website or HBO Max without any extra subscription. All you’d have to do is enter your cable login details.

And Just Like That Episode 2 Recap — Big’s Funeral

Episode 2, titled “Little Black Dress”, was a somber episode replete with grief and tears. The episode picks up after the shocking ending of episode 1 that big farewell to one of the main characters in a truly heart-wrenching death. Mr. Big died of a heart attack while Carrie was off at Lily’s piano recital. Episode 2 was all about the following events wherein Carrie tries her best to sleep and fails while also trying to cope with her loss, and failing at that as well. Charlotte and Miranda try their best to support Carrie, along with Stanford lending his support with humor as well.

Everyone Grieves, Charlotte Grieves More

However, with a loss great and as heavy as this, Carrie can’t help but suffer from sleepless nights and not even being able to let her emotions out properly and cry her heart out. The one character to fill the quota of crying was actually Charlotte, who couldn’t stop blaming herself for Carrie not being with Big during his last moments. In doing so, she did make it about herself when she should’ve been consoling Carrie. Later in the episode, it’s Carrie herself who helps Charlotte realize this. However, it wasn’t just Charlotte who was heartbroken at Big’s death. From Anthony to Steve to Harry to Lily and Rose and Big’s secretary Gloria — everyone was grieving.

Carrie Prepares For Funeral

Episode 2 saw Carrie try to immediately occupy herself with the funeral and the surrounding management. It was probably her way of running from the death of her life. She didn’t break down in tears throughout the whole episode. Carrie has probably yet to contend with Big’s passing properly. She starts preparing for the funeral with Charlotte and Miranda helping out. Carrie and Charlotte visit a funeral venue but Carrie doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want a morose location that reeks of old age and death. She says Mr. Big would hate a place like that.

Is Big dead in and just like that
Charlotte, Carrie, and Stanford at Big’s funeral in episode 2

Carrie eventually chooses a chic venue for the funeral, as Stanford hilariously points out. Everything is as she intended except for one thing — there are flowers on the casket. Carrie had said no to any flowers but she lets them stay when she learns that Samantha sent them. At the funeral, we see Miranda give a beautiful speech that Carrie wrote herself. Big’s big brother also gives a heartfelt speech, thanking Carrie for making Big the happiest he’d ever been. We also see an emotional video montage of Big’s beautiful photographs throughout his life.

Sleepless Nights

The episode ends with Carrie struggling to catch some sleep again. She tries changing places but Big’s passing keeps her awake. The future episodes may see her gradually succeeding at moving on. For the time being, though, she is not yet past her partner’s death. However, she has her friends and people that care for her.

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