Three New Naruto Novels Announced For 2018

Naruto Novels

Previously at the Jump Festa 2017, an announcement was made pertaining to Naruto. It was announced that some new side stories will come out in 2018. Now the official website for Shueisha’s Jump J Books novel label just recently announced that the Naruto franchise will actually be getting three-book novel series. The first one is The Naruto Shinden (The New Legend of Naruto) book will ship in Japan on 2nd May. After the release of The Naruto Shinden, Sasuke Shinden (The New Legend of Sasuke) and Shikamaru Shinden (The New Legend of Shikamaru) come out.

Naruto Shinden is being written by Mirei Miyamoto and the original creator Masashi Kishimoto is providing the art. We just know a few things about the upcoming novels. The first is that the timeline is after the events of the Fourth Great Ninja War when all three of them are parents.

All three books take place in a time when the title characters are parents. The first book will feature short stories focusing on parent/child relationships.

Naruto Novel

Kishimoto’s Naruto manga has inspired three previous novel series: “Naruto Ninden,” “Naruto Hiden” (Naruto Hidden Legend), and “Naruto Shinden” (Naruto True Legend). The new “Naruto Shinden” (Naruto New Legend) series has the same title reading as the previous series, but features a different kanji and thus has a different meaning.

Back in 2015, Shueisha published Kakashi Hiden, Shikamaru Hiden, Akatsuki Hiden, Gaara Hiden, Sakura Hiden, and Konoha Hiden epilogue novels. Sasuke Shinden

Naruto Novels

Itachi Shinden was made into an 8 episode in March 2016. Kishimoto also worked on the script and character designs and served as the chief production supervisor on the Boruto -Naruto the Movie- film sequel.

Also, I’d like to add that in the Naruto Shinden, Naruto and Himawari go on an adventure. It is just a speculation. We will keep you updated on new Naruto Novels and their release dates.


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