Howdy, Am I the only one who is kinda bothered that they don’t have a kick-ass relationship? I always thought that when Naruto had kids he would really strive to be there for them since he never had his parents. I know that he’s the Hokage but still. Anyone else feels the same way?

Anyone else feels the same way? I guess, everyone does. Well, recently I was reading the translated interview of Masashi Kishimoto and guess what? He Revealed the ideal relationship between Naruto and Boruto!

We know Boruto is kind of Rude to Naruto and we also know the reason behind that. I won’t confuse you further so, without any more delays let me explain the relationship between Naruto and Boruto –


Yep, you read that correct! Boruto and Naruto’s Relationship is based on Kishimoto’s relationship with his children.

Naruto isn’t much of a father to his children. This is because he is the Hokage, which is the most important position in the village. Naruto is constantly busy with his job, which makes him work more and spend almost no-time with his family.

It could also be that he doesn’t know how to connect with his children, due to the fact that he was basically abandoned by the village when he was a child.

Naruto could leave the day to day work of being Hokage up to his Shadow Clones and give time to his family, yet he chooses to keep himself away from his family. I don’t think of any possible reason for maintaining distance with your kids.

The relationship between Boruto and Naruto is actually based on that of Masashi Kishimoto and his own sons. He wasn’t there for most of their upbringing, due to the fact that he was working so hard on Naruto.

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Kishimoto has claimed in interviews that he is still working hard to try and connect with his kids, which formed the basis for what Naruto tries to achieve with his own son in the events following the end of the Naruto manga.

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Kawaki’s invasion of Konohagakure has been one of the most talked about topics in Narutoverse for the past year. The main reason behind this is because we are led to believe that Naruto Uzumaki might actually be dead.

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Boruto Jougan Powers

However, what Kawaki actually says is, “I’ll send you to the same place as the Seventh, Boruto”. He doesn’t say anything about killing Naruto. People have jumped the gun, and said Naruto is dead. But, what about Sasuke? He’s just as strong, and important as Naruto?

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the strongest characters in Boruto, and he’s the only person equal to Naruto, in terms of strength. Sasuke is also known as Konoha’s other Hokage, because he protects Konohagakure from the outside, while Naruto does it from within the Village.

Being one of the legends, and the strongest to ever exist, it would make sense for Sasuke to be around when problems like the Otsutsuki, or Kawaki arrive. During Momoshiki’s Invasion, Sasuke was there to help Naruto deal with them.

But, what’s extremely confusing is the fact that Sasuke is nowhere to be seen during the time Konoha is destroyed. It could be that Sasuke is elsewhere on a mission, or maybe he’s in another dimension, but I don’t think Sasuke would be absent at such an important time. I think it is likelier that Sasuke is dead, rather than Naruto being dead.

Naruto Boruto Ninja Voltage

When you look at Boruto, he has got Sasuke’s headband, he’s got Sasuke’s cape, and moreover, he even carries Sasuke’s sword. Further, the fact that Sasuke is …

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