The manga, which started in 1997, was written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto and follows Naruto, a young ninja that aspires to be the Hokage of his village.

One of the longest-running and most popular anime series, Naruto, is set to receive its own big screen, live-action Hollywood adaptation.

Recently, Jump Festa went live in Tokyo, and the event paid homage to Naruto with a massive stage. Shueisha revealed new updates about Boruto, but a letter written by Kishimoto took a moment to support Naruto and its Hollywood future.

Masashi Kishimoto –

“To everyone who appeared here in Jump Festa 2018 thank you for being here, even if it’s been cold lately,”
“I guess that I will out-do myself drawing something like that in 2018. And then there will be the Naruto Hollywood movie.”
“I have a high feeling about the future game too. With Boruto and Naruto, I’ll be writing something even more significant bit by bit.

If you are caught up on all things Naruto, then you should remember its live-action movie was announced last December. The movie, which is currently in pre-production, has Kishimoto managing its development along with two screenwriters.

After the usual success of Power Rangers, Lionsgate seems like it is pressing forward with its live-action adaptation of Naruto.

The Naruto movie is also moving to be produced by Avi Arad, who was following this year’s Ghost in the Shell, which had unexpected box office returns between lots of “whitewashing” controversy.


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