According to every Naruto fan’s opinion, with no doubt one of the most important characters of the series is Jiraya: he is one of the 3 Sennin, he has been Naruto’s master and godfather and he also demonstrated to be incredibly powerful and skilled. Despite this, we have never seen him being reanimated by anyone with the Edo Tensei jutsu. Why?

Let’s understand it together!

To begin with, we know that the Edo Tensei jutsu doesn’t need the whole body of a person to reanimate them; in fact, it can work also just having their blood samples, like in Deidara’s case, in which he had died making himself exploding, so that his body didn’t exist anymore, but he has been reanimated through the Edo Tensei because Kabuto possessed his DNA. For this reason, although Jiraya’s body is laying in the deep ocean and it can’t be reached because of the high pressure, the Sennin could have been reanimated thanks to some of his blood samples.

Why didn’t anybody even tried to do it?

The first and most obvious answer to this question is that he had left his blood samples in Amegakure and, as we (should) know, Amegakure is also called “The Village Hidden By Rain” because there the weather is almost always rainy, so that Jiraya’s blood is supposed to have been washed away by the rain.

Although this is a logical and a completely possible answer, I think that the real reason because Jiraya was never reanimated has to be found in Kishimoto’s intentions: Jiraya for sure was a very popular character beloved by almost every Naruto’s fan and we know that, if a person is reanimated through the Edo Tensei jutsu, then they become “evil”, such as for example in Asuma’s case, who fought against his own team.

Now, I think it’s evident that people were already shocked after Asuma’s reanimation and if Kishimoto had chosen to make reanimating also Jiraya, it would have completely destroyed the mood of the show; in addition, Jiraya’s return would probably have been a weapon too strong against Naruto, who used to feel heavy emotions towards his sensei and, for this reason, this “simple” fact would have changed the whole course of the story.

In conclusion we can assume that Kishimoto didn’t allow Jiraya to be reanimated because he just wanted him to stay a good character and an icon forever, without ruining his image. But who knows, maybe he will change his mind in the future and we will see Jiraya again in the Boruto series, eventually as an allied and not as an enemy.