Naruto Reveals Just How Strong Mitsuki’s Sage Mode Is

Naruto Mitsuki Sage Mode

One of Naruto’s biggest power-ups that we have ever seen is the Sage Mode. This power was introduced to us back during Jiraiya’s fight against the Six Paths of Pain, and it helped him take down at least 3 of them all by himself. Later on, Naruto Uzumaki goes on to master this power for himself, and he even goes a step ahead by combining it with his Six Paths Chakra to give rise to Six Paths Sage Mode. After him, we found out that Mitsuki was also capable of using a variant of Sage Mode, called Sage Transformation. This is pretty similar to how Jugo uses his Kekkei Genkai ability to absorb natural energy passively. Since Mitsuki was created artificially, he was made in a way he had access to this power right from the start.

Mitsuki Sage Mode Powers

Mitsuki Sage Mode

The power debuted first when he took on Orochimaru and Log. They were both secretly trying to make him get access to this power, and he does. Recently, in the Chunin Exams arc, we saw Mitsuki fighting against Shinki. It was incredibly hard for him to defeat someone like Shinki. One would expect him to resort to using Sage Transformation. But due to Orochimaru’s orders, he didn’t undergo the transformation. But when the Otsutsuki Clan showed up, he had to take his chances and undergo Sage Transformation. Unfortunately for him, just seconds after he underwent this incredible transformation, his chakra was stolen by Urashiki Otsutsuki. According to Urashiki, the Sage Transformation makes Mitsuki a very formidable foe.

Naruto Mitsuki

He even called this power ‘dangerous’, and because it is dangerous, he wouldn’t let him use it. This just tells you how powerful Mitsuki’s Sage Mode really is. For someone like Urashiki Otsutsuki to compliment Mitsuki’s powers, tells you how strong he really is. I’d like to emphasize that I think he’s stronger than anyone from Team 7, including the Captain Konohamaru as we know him. If he has Sage Mode too, then that’s a different story. Let’s see how Ikemoto and Kodachi handle Mitsuki’s character. I’d love to see him go all-out in Sage Mode just once. We may get that pretty soon in the manga.