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The Unseen Side of Naruto Baryon Mode – The Ultimate Form

Naruto Baryon Mode

Boruto Naruto Next Generation has entered an exciting arc as we see a new form of Lord Seventh Uzumaki Naruto entering a Baryon Mode. This form was caused by an unbeatable Isshiki who punished the trio during the battle. Kurama has kept Bayron Mode’s form a secret since the two know the side effects of using this method. Naruto and Kurama have never unleashed a transformation like this in the past. The transformation changes Naruto, and he looks like a human fox passing a tremendous speed and power. Baryon Mode is a fantastic transformation that requires two-body, and the host can access it through Kurama as he is his Jinchuriki.

Kurama introduces Baryon Mode to Naruto after noticing that they have tried all the weapons against a new enemy, but nothing worked even though they were fighting at their best. He told Naruto that the transformation consumes one’s life once it is fully completed and causes death between an opponent and a fighter. Naruto accepts, and the two form a pact unleashing a fierce Bayron Mode that shocked Isshiki. Naruto’s hair turns spikier as he gets electrified in his new Byron Mode, and his ears turn into fox ears.

Naruto’s face also changes and has black whiskers curving below his eyes. During that, only one life span gets eaten, and Naruto takes on Kurama’s red eyes. His outfit becomes dark orange, and the Chakra flows all over his body, making him invincible. The Chakra cape flows from Naruto’s back with red Chakra tails, and each cape has five tails with a black line. Naruto and Kumara’s Chakra decreases during this Bayron Form. But it produces a new type of energy. Let’s find more about this unseen side of Naruto below.

Naruto’s Baryon Mode

The transformation took place in front of Sasuke and Isshiki. Boruto was shocked to see his father in this new form. Bayron Mode increases Naruto’s speed and reflexes with an overwhelming power that surpasses Isshiki’s powers. Isshiki was shocked to see Naruto stealing his cubes and destroyed them using this new form of power. Bayron Mode allows Naruto to predict the attacks and dodge them before they strike him. When all Chakra gets connected, the Bayron Mode consumes an opponent’s life when made contact and drains the user’s life span. But Kurama prevents that from happening to Naruto and allows his life span to drain.

Naruto Baryon Mode

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Kurama can enter Baryon Mode like Naruto, but it resembles nuclear fusion. In this state, Naruto remains calm and not wastes energy since Baryon Mode has extreme energy consumption. When a user of this technique remains focused, it maximizes the time of Baryon Mode. This form is more robust than Kurama Chakra Mode and the Six Paths Sage Mode. Baryon Mode works like a fusion between two individuals fighting using one body and sharing the same powers, but one has to die when Baryon Mode runs out. Kurama came up with this plan after realizing that it was the only way to save the world and stop Isshiki.

Isshiki was unbeatable, and even Sasuke failed to beat using all the techniques like Chidori and other Ninja moves he knows. But this leads to Kurama’s death since Kurama couldn’t allow Naruto to die, and he sacrifices his life for Naruto after realizing that the Hokage is special. The side effects of Baryon Mode are yet to be revealed since this new form of Naruto has recently appeared. But more about Baryon Mode is yet to come until we finally see Kurama’s death. That is when Naruto realizes that Kurama hides some secrets about this Byron Mode.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

The anime has entered new territories. And all we will be seeing will be new types of powers we have never seen before, like Naruto Baryon Mode. It finally looks like it’s time to hand over the curtain to the next generations, with Boruto having awakened about 80% of his Karma. So the more powerful he gets, the closer he is to becoming Momoshiki. But we should soon see how the leaf intends to deal with this problem.

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