Who is Namjoon’s Boyfriend? Who Is The Rap Monster Dating?

Namjoon Boyfriend

RM, formerly Rap Monster, is a well-known South Korean rapper, songwriter, and producer best known as a member of the hip hop group Bangtan Boys. RM is currently making news for his personal life. Do you know who Namjoon’s Boyfriend is? He is known as “Rapmon” by his fans in South Korea. He was a brilliant student and did great in his academics. However, he started rapping at a young age and decided to make it his profession. RM started out as a solo artist and sang with several local bands before joining the Bantan Boys. After joining Bantan Boys, he became a bandleader as well as a prominent rapper and songwriter out there. He has worked with several well-known Korean and international rappers to produce music that has gone viral on the internet. Namjoon’s endorsements include K’hawah coffee and various South Korean products.

Namjoon is a well-known figure on South Korean television with his talk show “Hot Brain: Problematic Men” and has been featured in several magazines as one of the most promising rappers in South Korea. RM is active on social networks and has a lot of fans. In 2013, Rap Monster won the Golden Disk Awards and the MelOn Music Awards. He was also recognized at the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards and Seoul Music Awards in 2013. His popular songs, performed in collaborations with other artists, include “Perfect Christmas” with Jo Kwon, Lim JeongHee, Joohee, and Jungkook, and favorite songs his international “Please Don’t Die” with Warren G. He has accumulated a net worth of over $22 million and is certainly one of the rising stars in the east.

Who is Namjoon’s Boyfriend?

Well, Namjoon is not yet engaged in any relationship as there is no official statement regarding his relationship status. These days he is trending for his latest social media posts. The reason is, he uploaded a photo of himself with a man whose face was covered in an emoji. The anonymity of a man who is very close to RM caused a lot of commotion in ARMY, which sparked a long list of speculations on social media about his identity and profession.

Namjoom's Boyfriend

Security guard, best friend, a friend? The identity of the mysterious man who is closely related to BTS’s RM has become a trend on social media. After creating his personal Instagram account, RM stood out the most among the seven accounts because of the activity. There’s no testimony from him so that nothing can be predicted.

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Childhood & Early Life

Rap Monster was born Kim Nam-Joon on September 12, 1994, in Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea. He grew up in Seoul with his younger sister, Kim Geong Min. During his elementary school, he was impressed by the uniform and wanted to become a security guard for the housing society. He attended Global Cyber ​​University and specialized in broadcasting and performing arts with honors. RM is one of the best in the national school examinations and has a TOEIC score of over 900, which is commendable. He also has a very high IQ. He also studied his mother tongue and Japanese at school and also learned English by watching popular American sitcoms like Friends.

Namjoom's Boyfriend

RM has also studied in New Zealand for some time and learned English on his own, which he later found important. Due to his academic achievements, his parents expected him to work full time. However, his love for music and society grew stronger, and he persuaded his parents to allow him to become a full-time rapper. Even during his school days, he wrote very popular lyrics. His rap helps him cope with the stress of studying, and the lyrics to his song “No More Dreams” are inspired by his late-night workday for his exams.

More About Namjoon

He was nicknamed “Dance Prodigy” by dance teachers at school because of his dance moves. His favorite dance move is waving his arms from side to side. He was later called “RapMon,” “Leader Mon,” and “God of Destruction” by his fans. RM is known for always breaking things that fellow rapper Suga was fixing. He is also prone to accidents and is often injured. Fellow artists from Bangtan Boys performed under the stage names Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. His favorite food is Korean noodles with a knife, and he is a big fan of the computer game “Maple Story”.

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