My Hero Academia Animated Film Announced For 2018

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest manga franchise right now, and it is growing at an unprecedented speed, which is great. The show is also doing great in Japan, as well as the West, and thanks to that, we’re already 2 seasons in, and the third was just announced a couple of weeks ago. The Season 3 for My Hero Academia is going to be airing in the Spring of 2018, and it is going to blow up.

Manga readers know what’s coming next, and I don’t want to spoil the anime-watchers, but it will probably be the best Boku no Hero Academia Season that we’ve got to date. Despite all this greatness that 2018 offers to the Boku no Hero Academia fans, an anime season is not all that we’re going to be getting in 2018.

According to leaks from Shonen Jump, we’re going to get a Boku no Hero Academia movie in 2018. This is really unexpected, and while there hasn’t been an official announcement for this yet, it is indeed going to happen next year. According to various reports, the new animated movie for Boku no Hero Academia will follow an original story.

I’m not sure what exactly they mean by this, but if I had to guess, I’d say it won’t be related to the canon in any way, like most of the anime movies from the big anime. It seems like recently, Boku no Hero Academia is getting ready for a lot to happen in 2018.

We already know that we’re going to get the Season three for the show. There’s also a video game, called Boku no Hero Academia: One’s Justice, which is going to be out some time in 2018. Now, we have news that a movie is going to come out as well. As a fan of the Hero Academia franchise, I couldn’t be happier. I think you guys are too. Things are looking really good for all the fans of Boku no Hero Academia.

Let’s just hope the movie, and the game both live up to the expectations, and give us a perfect 2018. My expectations for the movie, and the game are high. But, it’ll take some time before we actually find out more about them. More news related to the Boku no Hero Academia movie will be coming our way very soon, as the Weekly Shonen Jump scans come our way, which won’t take longer than a couple of days.

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