My Hero Academia Will Have A Stage Play Next Year

Horikoshi Kohei’s My Hero Academia manga series is having a blast this year. The manga managed to sell 16 million volumes in Japan alone. Its third season made a lot of buzz during its runtime, and the fourth season already received the green light. Bandai Namco also made a game based on the manga series. And last but not the least, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a success for both in Japan and on other places. Because of the success of the series this year, My Hero Academia will also be having a theatrical release next year.

My Hero Academia Stage Play

An anime stage play is planned for My Hero Academia next year. According to Twitter user @heronewsnetwork, the live stage play is titled as “The Ultra Stage”.  The performances are expected to start in Spring 2019, or between April to June. It can be remembered that the My Hero Academia season 4 is also going to be released on the same date. The stage play will be performed in Tokyo and Osaka.

My Hero Academia: All Might Origins, the manga along with the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, is also expected to be animated. The one-shot features the young All Might and how he made his way towards becoming the number 1 hero. It is expected that we will see more Young Gran Torino and more of his master. The animated special will be available in the Blu-ray and DVD release of the MHA Two Heroes movie. The set will be put on the shelves on February 13 next year.

My Hero Academia is a story about Deku, who is a quirkless kid in a world full of quirks. Dreaming of becoming the number 1 hero, he was entrusted with a very powerful quirk by the number 1 hero himself, All Might. His journey in becoming the best hero in the world will start on his school days at UA.

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