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My Hero Academia Chapter 304: Death of Fourth User Revealed?

The My Hero Academia manga has been excelling since its release. But, in the recent few chapters, we see the true genius of Kohei Horikoshi as he drops in secrets after secrets and revelations after revelations. The manga is as if going on a roller coaster ride, and there is no stopping to it. The anime also announced a new season this year. All the consecutive events in the manga will be a sight to behold the anime. While every chapter has significant details, Horikoshi never misses a chance to tease fans with minute details and a cliffhanger in the end. The manga started with a boy without quirks. Seeing the character development so far almost leaves the readers teary-eyed.

Horikoshi has made many plot developments and introduced major twists that have left the fans in surprise. The recent chapters of My Hero Academia have been no less than an ultimate ride through thrill, suspense, and shock. Presently at 305 chapters, the My Hero Academia manga has so far finally started raising the curtains to the answers of many popularly asked questions. You can check out the new chapters on viz or any other verified manga reading app on the play store.

Manga spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!!

My Hero Academia released its 304th chapter on 7 March 2021. The chapter begins with Deku lying unconscious on his hospital bed while All Might looks after him. As All Might touches him, he feels the power of One For All flowing through his mentee, depicting how much Deku has grown through the course of time.

My hero academia chapter 304 fourth user death revealed

Midoriya Deku and All Might: Boku No Hero Academia.

The rest of the chapter takes place inside Deku’s subconsciousness. The panels created by Horikoshi are indeed grand. Deku meets the previous successors of All For One, who gives him some insight into the power that he has gained. We see seven figures surrounding Deku on big grand thrones. However, two of the figures are not revealed. Horikoshi seems to have some special plans with the second and third vestiges in the future of the manga.

Deku learns certain secrets that will be of great significance in the story ahead. He meets the fourth user. Moreover, when the pre-successors were mentioned in the story, we find his death kept a secret. Now, the death of this very character is finally revealed. It is also revealed that Deku might be the last successor of One For All. The chapter ends with Nana Shimura asking Deku to kill Shigaraki, her grandson.

Some major revelations were put out in this chapter. The identity and the cause of death indeed led the story to a greater light.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 304: Death of The Fourth User

As Deku enters the consciousness of the vestiges, we finally get to see him talk to them. The chapters ahead look promising now that more information about Deku’s quirk can be gathered. In the past, Deku had done vigorous training causing him to grow more and more. Now that he stands in front of the previous users of All For One, Deku will finally learn every truth about the quirk he had obtained.

My hero academia chapter 304 fourth user death revealed

Deku generates One For All: Boku No Hero Academia.

The fourth user identifies himself as Hagake Shinomori. He has a young face with a scar on it. Shinomori declares that his quirk was “danger sense,” which was awakened during the last fight that Deku had with Hitoshi Shinso. There has been no mention of Shinomori being a hero or a villain. In fact, he was a hermit. This sets a suspicious question of how he had died.

Shinomori had trained hard, which led him to learn the true powers of All For One. However, this came to him at a great price. All For One consumes the user’s energy that accelerates growth to a point where All For One ends up killing the users. This had remained an unknown fact since most of the previous users had died in battle. But, since Shinomori was a hermit, he died of old age after All For One had completely degenerated his life. Because of this power, Shinomori also has scars on his face.

So far, we know that All For One has a major side effect- people who inherit this power cannot live long.

How did All Might Survive so long?

All Might gaining his powers from Nana Shimura opened a door of possibilities among the vestiges of All For One. All the previous users of One For All had their own quirks before they acquired it from someone else. The aging is caused because of the presence of two quirks. Evidently, All Might was quirkless. This answers the question of why All Might is still alive. The same goes for Midoriya Deku, as he, too was born quirkless.

Since the frequency of quirkless children has declined over the years, it has been hinted that Deku might be the last person to inherit the All For One.

My Hero Academia Chapter 304: Review

The 304th chapter of My Hero Academia was a juicy twist in the story. We gained some big details about the powers and laid our hands on some major mysteries. The suspicious masking of the second and third users is worth discussing. People on Reddit and other forums have gathered various theories trying to break down the easter eggs that Horikoshi keeps leaving in every chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 fourth user death revealed

Midoriya Deku: Boku no Hero Academia.

What makes this chapter all the more interesting is the focus that Deku has attained. Deku was always seen trying to live up to the expectations because he had been handed the quirk down. Now, people have argued how All Might could have given his power to someone else. But, this chapter highlights the fact that Deku had to be the one take on All For One. It has a nice ring of fate around it that makes it quite an interesting theory.

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