My Hero Academia Chapter 207 Official Spoilers: Bakugo’s Power

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 Official Spoilers

Hey everyone! It seems like we’re getting an early chapter of My Hero Academia this week, and like the past few months, this chapter will be just 13 pages. I don’t know what’s up with Horikoshi, but it seems like he’s either getting sick, or burned out. Horikoshi has been in Weekly Shounen Jump for long now, so the pressure of delivering sure gets to him. I hope his health isn’t at stake here, and that he’s okay. With that out of the way, we’ll now be talking about My Hero Academia Chapter 207 spoilers. The spoilers are out already, and it looks like we’re getting a good chapter this week as well. So let’s dive into it:

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 207 Release Date

Vlad comments that although Class A and B seemed like an even match, so far the only win for Class A was thanks to Shinso’s help, so can you really consider them an even match?
Kirishima and the others get mad but Eraserhead stops them.

Eraserhead: “Would you act that way if you made a mistake out in the real world? The reality is that Class B has had better thought out plans. It seems the Vlad has prepared them better than me.”
While Class B has gotten stronger from their daily training, All Might believes Class A is powerful too and looks forward to seeing Bakugo’s in the next match.

Bakugo tells his teammates to follow him and they comment on how he’s acting the same as always.
Bakugo’s plan is to have him lead and the others support. Sero comments the other team has a lot of counterattack abilities, and Bakugo tells him “That’s why we have to act first”

They find the enemy’s shadow and have Jiro investigate, but then Jiro yells out as she’s attacked by a loud sound. Tokage’s quirk “Cut Lizard Tail” allows her to move around split into pieces. She can currently split into 50 pieces. Sero makes a tape barricade but Bondo and Kamakiri press against it with a pipe they cut and glued. Sato tries to protect them from the sticky tape and pipe but Bakugo blasts it all away. Jiro is attacked by Kamakiri but Bakugo comes in to save her.

Save to win
Win to save
I’m stronger than before
He’s reached a new kind of strength!

As you can see, the chapter looks really interesting and Bakugou will definitely not take a defeat. I’m also pretty sure that Horikoshi won’t let Class A lose again. The only time they’ve won is when Shinsou was on their team. I have to say, Class B has been doing extremely well. But this time, they have Bakugou on their side. I’m pretty sure that he’ll fight for the victory harder than anyone.

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