My Hero Academia Chapter 197 – Tsuyu’s Time To Shine

So far, this arc seems to give the UA 1-B  a chance to shine. We are all reintroduced to some of their quirks and also their advantages when it comes to battling UA 1-A. In My Hero Academia chapter 197, we will see how both the beloved green ladies from UA 1-A and UA 1-B will fair against each other’s strategy.

My Hero Academia Chapter 197 – Tsuyu VS Shiozaki

It was seen in the last episode that Tsuyu’s idea is to have three copy of herself and confuse the enemy. We will not tackle the way how she did the scent thing, but this idea really gives an advantage to the team. If Shishida can only detect the smell of who’s coming and those three smells the same, then this almost accurate smell works against them this time. For example, Kaminari or Shinso might use their quirk without the enemy knowing that it’s them.

My Hero Academia Chapter 197

The real trouble here is Shiozaki and how her quirk works. The advantage of coating Tsuyu’s scent to the other members will be useless when she can immobilize them all at once. Tsuyu can use her invisibility, get past her, and free the members of their team. But it will also be hard for Tsuyu to work get past Shishida. That’s a tough battle, and it is possible that UA 1-B would win in My Hero Academia chapter 197.

Shinso’s Fate After The Combat Training

The most interesting part of this arc is Shinso getting absorbed in Hero training. A lot of fans think that he will be absorbed into UA 1-A because Aizawa needs to train him how to use those clothes. It will surely change the dynamic on how the UA 1-A class will work.

My Hero Academia Chapter 197

Also, a lot of readers still believe that Shinso is here to help to locate the traitor/s inside the school. It’s kinda sad to assume that all the almost forgotten characters are given the time to shine this time to have a more emotional impact when the time to reveal the traitor will come. We will know more about it in the next chapters.

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