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My Dress-up Darling Episode 9 Release Date: What’s Next for Marin & Gojo?

My dress-up darling feature image
My dress-up darling feature image

“Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru” is a new slice of life romance anime that has taken the internet by storm these days. The Japanese title translates to “My Dress-up Darling” or even “The Bisque Doll that fell in Love”. The manga by Shinichi Fukuda began serialization in Square Enix’s Young Gangan in January 2018 and has been collected into eight volumes as of October 2021. The anime adaptation by CloverWorks only premiered in January 2022.

Square Enix describes the plot of manga as a traumatized Wakana Gojo who spent most of his time as a loner somehow getting roped in by popular girl Marin Kitagawa to help her cosplay. The story starts off with this simple plotline. This anime adaptation has great visuals, a vibrant colour palette and very interesting characters. Wakana Gojo has dreamt his entire life of creating Hina dolls when he grows up, whereas Marin Kitagawa wants to cosplay as much as she can. These two characters bring to light knowledge about traditional and modern art forms of Japan for international viewers. Fans of cosplay and anime can learn the different hardships their favourite cosplayer go through in the hunt for the perfect shot.

My Dress-up Darling is a very fun watch. Definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.

Dress-up Darling colourful

My Dress-up Darling

More on the Plot:

Wakana Gojo is a 17-years old boy in his first year of high school whose lifelong dream has been to become a Hina doll craftsman. He has always looked up to his grandfather who was a Hina doll craftsman. However, because of his dream, he would always stay at home to practice his skills and ended up becoming a loner in high school. So when he sees other popular kids with lots of friends having fun he would see them as something so out of this world. Enter the popular and beautiful Marin Kitagawa. She loves to cosplay so when she finds out about Gojo’s sewing skills, she immediately asks him for help. Marin asks him to make the costume of a video game character she loves. Now, although Gojo has no experience making a costume that will be worn by humans, he is inspired by Marin to take up the job.

My Dress-up Darling Staff Listing:

Keisuke Shinohara is the director of this anime at CloverWorks studio. Yoriko Tomita is in charge of scriptwriting. Kazumasa Ishida is in charge of character design and he is also the chief animation director. Takeshi Nakatsuka is composing the music and Akiko Fujita is acting as the sound director for this anime. The opening theme song, “Sansan Days” or Sun-drenched days is by the band Spira Spica. The ending theme song is “Koi No Yukue”(Where love is) by Akari Akase.

Hina Sugata is the voice-actor for Marin Kitagawa and Shoya Ishige is voicing Wakana Gojo. Atsumi Tanezaki is voicing Sajuna Inui or Juju, another second-year student who is a cosplayer. Hina Yomiya is the voice-actor for Shinju Inui, Sajuna’s sister who acts as her photographer. 


Dress-up darling episode 8

What Happened in Episode 8?

Marin and Gojo meet Juju and Shinju who is Juju’s younger sister. They go out to have lunch and talk about how she got into photographing her sister. Shinju loves her sister and her cosplaying skills so much that she thinks they should be shown off to the world. So she photographs her and also made social media accounts for her. The account got successful in no time but Shinju didn’t know how to reply to all the messages as she got to overwhelmed. She also explains to Marin and Gojo many things about clicking pictures on a professional camera. Marin learns the differences between a smartphone and a DSLR. The two get very excited about clicking pictures with a DSLR camera. But Marin can’t afford one right now so she decides to save up till they can.

The four then go to a studio set up in an abandoned hospital. Shinju and Kitagawa enter first. But juju is a bit scared to go inside as the place looks very creepy to her. Although she does enter inside she can’t make it far before shaking in fear. Gojo asks her why she is so adamant about going herself even when she is so scared. To which she replies that it’s because she loves cosplaying more. And in order for her to cosplay Black Lily properly, she needs to see the studio. Gojo asks her out of all people why did she pick him to sew her outfit. Juju tells him that she fell in love with the dress he made for Marin. Gojo starts crying because this is one of the best compliments about his work he has ever received. He remembers his grandpa’s happy expression while Gojo said he loved his Hina dolls.

Later on, Marin and Gojo go to the beach for fun. They share a burger and some bubble tea as they enjoy themselves. Marin decides to go soak her feet in the sea and asks Gojo to join him as well. As the seawater hits his feet, he gushes about how he feels as he has never been to the beach before. Gojo tells her how he missed out on a lot of fun in his childhood because he was always practising his craft. Marin promises to take him to all the fun places to make up for a lost time. She then gets shy as she feels like she just confessed and goes back to their mat to hide her red face. She looks at Gojo and takes a picture of him against the sun just like the trick Shinju told her.

Marin and Gojo

Marin and Gojo

My Dress-up Darling Episode 9 Release Date and where to watch:

Episode 9 of My Dress-up Darling is scheduled to release on 6 March 2022. The episode will be up on websites like Funimation and Crunchyroll every week on Sunday. This is the first season of the anime and it will have 12 episodes. The timings will be a little different depending on what part of the world you are in. Please check out the following for information about different time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 8:30 AM (March 5th)
  • Central Time: 10:30 AM (March 5th)
  • Eastern Time: 11:30 AM (March 5th)
  • British Time: 4:30 PM (March 5th)
  • European Time: 5:30 PM (March 5th)
  • Indian Time: 10:00 PM (March 5th)
  • Japan Time: 1:30 AM (March 6th)

Viewers who have a premium subscription for Crunchyroll or Funimation can tune in to watch just after the episode is uploaded on the given timings. However, those who do yet wish to buy a subscription do not need to worry. They will have to wait about a week before free viewing is allowed. The animation does not have any dubbed version available and there has been no news about it yet. It is likely that the studio is testing the waters before they will release any news about a possible English dubbed version.

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