Mr. Queen KDrama Complete Episode Guide

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Mr. Queen Korean Drama

Mr. Queen Korean drama is one of the most popular dramas of the year 2020. The drama has created such an amazing hype viewer cannot stop appreciating it. The drama Mr. Queen is directed by Yoon Sung Shik, and screenwriting is handling by Park Kye Ok, Choi Ah Il. The drama revolves around the life of an arrogant chef who is quite mean and egoistic. He ends up in a problem and falls in the pool. After this, he ends up being inside a queen body. He ends in the Joseon era and wants to go back to his normal usual life.

The drama is also known as Iron Queen, Queen Cheolin, The Iron Empress, Queen Cheo Rin, Queen Cheorin, Queen Iron, No Touch Princess, Mister Queen, Cheolinwanghoo, Cheolinwanghu, Cheorinwanghoo, and Cheorinwanghu. The drama is also the 7th highest-rated Korean drama in television history. This series also achieves the 5th highest rating series for TVN. This is one of the most successful series for the OTT platform in the Korean genre.

The drama has some great ratings out there. We will be rating it 8.5 out of 10. History may be a boring genre for some, but the way it is projected makes it shine and different from others. The drama has Historical, Comedy, Romance, Drama, and Fantasy as the genre. The drama is having 20 episodes in all.

The series is having one season only; there is no such announcement for the 2nd season. Each episode has a runtime of 1 hour 20 minutes. Overall this one long series so you need to be patient with the story. The drama got air on December 12, 2020, and went off the air on February 14, 2021.

Where to Watch the Drama

Mr. Queen is one of the most successful Korean dramas released in the year 2020 and ended in 2021. the drama is created by Studio Dragon, tvN, Jang Cheol Kyo, and Kim Young-Gyu, It is based upon the Chinese web drama Go Princess Go by Xian Chen and Go Princess Go by Qin Shuang and Shang Menglu.

The drama is an adaptation of the novel “Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji” by Xian Chen. The most asked question about the drama is where to watch the drama. The drama is easily available on VIKI. It is available on the online platform too. The show is completely resales so you can binge-watch the episode without waiting for the other episodes to get on the air.

Mr. Queen Korean drama episode guide

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Star Cast of Mr. Queen Korean drama

The drama Mr. Queen Korean drama is one of the most popular Korean series of the year 2020 which is starring Shin Hye Sun as Kim So Yong / Jang Bong Hwan and Kim Jung Hyun as King Cheoljong. They both are the two main leads of the drama as the drama revolves around their reign.

The other major roles are played as the supportive actor like Bae Jong Ok as Grand Queen Dowager Sunwon [Cheoljong’s grandmother], Kim Tae Woo as Kim Jwa Geun [Grand Queen Dowager’s brother], Jo Yun Hee as Queen Dowager Jo, Seol In Ah as Jo Hwa Jin [Royal concubine], Chae Seo Eun as Hong Yeon [So Yong’s maid], Cha Chung Hwa as Court Lady Choi [So Yong’s attendant], Na In Woo as Kim Byung In [Jwa Geun’s adoptive son], Jeon Bae Soo as Kim Moon Geun [So Yong’s father], Yoo Min Kyu as Prince Yeongpyeong [Cheoljong’s brother], Lee Jae Won as Hong Byul Gam [Cheoljong’s friend], Yoo Young Jae as Kim Hwan [Byung In’s friend], Son Kwang Eop as Kim Chang Hyuk [Minister of War].

Song Min Hyung as Kim Byung Hak [Chief State Councilor], Kang Ji Hoo as Kim Seok Geun [Left State Councilor], Go In Beom as Jo Man Hong [Right State Councilor], Kim Kwang Shik as Jo Deok Moon [Minister of Personnel], Kim Bang Won as Sal Soo [Jwa Geun’s assassin], Kim In Kwon as Man Bok [Royal chef], Noh Jae Hoon as [Palace cook], Ji Ho Sung as [Palace cook], Yoon Gi Won as [Royal physician], Yoon Jin Ho as [Head Eunuch – King Cheoljong’s attendant], Lee Tae Geom as Eunuch Kim, Choi Hwan Yi as Eunuch Choi, Yoon Bong Gil as Do Sul Li [Head Inspector], Kang Chae Won as Dam Hyang [Court lady], Kim Joo Young as Oh Wol [Hwa Jin’s maid], Oh Ji Young as Court Lady Go [Hwa Jin’s attendant], Jeon Young Mi as Court Lady Chun [Grand Queen Dowager’s attendant], Lee Seung Ah as court Lady Han [Queen Dowager Jo’s attendant], Son So Mang as Court Lady Kang [Queen Dowager Jo’s maid], Lee Chul Min as an Pyo Jin /Han Shim Ong [Chief Secretary / Andong Kim clan’s spy], and  Baek Jae Jin as [General store owner]. .

They all play a major role in building up the plot. Every character has given a shape to the plot with depth with their acting. The acting is so appropriate that you will not get confused. 

Mr. Queen episode guide

The drama is having quite a long list for the character which may seem like the drama is confusing, but it is not. You can easily locate the character their role time and everything without getting confuse.

Synopsis of Mr. Queen Korean drama

The drama Mr. Queen is a historical drama with a pinch of salt and pepper; the story revolves around the life of Jang Bong Hwan. He is a South Korean chef of Blue House. He is also the one rank to cook for the country’s top politicians in the Blue House’s presidential residences. Also, he is having a quite traumatizing dream.

Later he jumps from the building ends up inside the pool. He then tries to wake up and see if he is alive or not. But when he wales up he saw himself like a queen and it goes back to the Joseon era. Kim So Yong goes back to the era deep in Korea’s past. It is seen that the husband of Queen Kim So Yong is the reigning monarch, He is known as King Cheol Jong, he is king by the name only he doesn’t perceive any power. The actual power of the kingdom is with the late King Sunjo’s Queen, Sun Won. She is the one handling the kingdom and she has taken advantage of King Cheol Jung.

He is a king with a good and better nature, and she is ruling the realm in his name. She faces a wreath of competition from her own brother. Her brother’s name is Kim Jwa Guen, who also has designs on power. In the drama, Queen Kim So Yong will come to know about her husband’s secrets he has been hiding from her. She finds out that he is not as gentle and meek as he seems.

Mr. Queen Episode guide

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Episode Guide Episode 1-20

Episode 1 Overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

The first episode of Mr. Queen starts with an introduction of the youngest chef to grace Blue House. The chef’s name is Jang Bong-Hwan. Even after knowing that the ambassador was sensitive to fish Bong- Hwan asks his interpreter to stop worrying about this. It can be seen that Bong Hwan’s motto cooking is politics. This motto holds weight in the life of all the chefs in Blue House. It is no less than the conspiracy.

After this Bong Hwan serves the foods and while eating he finds that there is a hook inside. It is seen after this that the police are waiting outside bong Hwan’s house to investigate him for the hook case. They want to take them to the station and they break into his house. After this incident, Bong Hwan tries to escape off the balcony.

The police try to save the boy but then the guy eventually ends up jumping down. He was lucky enough to jump inside the pool. After this, he ends up hitting his head on the surface. He keeps falling deep inside the pool, and he sees a woman swims forward him and there is light in the pool and he ends up kissing the woman.

During the same time, Han Pyo Jin plans to make Bu Seung Min the one taking up the post of the best chef of Blue House Chef. After this all Bong- Hwa finds himself in the past when he woke up. He looks at himself in the mirror and understands what is happening and finds himself as the woman. Also, he begins to think that he is dreaming but after this, he finally realizes that it was not a dream. Also, he creeps out immediately seeing this and try everything to work back out. He then realizes that everyone refers to him as “Your Highness”.

He finally realizes that he is in the body of a queen name Kim So Young. This makes an imaginary situation thinking he has gone through some sex change operation and is forced into this. After all, this happens Bong Hwan is forced into a load of questions that he has to answer as the queen to the physician. Bong- Hwan realizes that is all a link-up lake that is going outside.

He finally realizes that the body of Kim and his spirit have switched with each other. Bong Hwan thinks of a plan to jump inside the river but this doesn’t end up as the plan and the cake into the mud. He learns he has to live like this only and has to get wed to the king. The king is also shown and his personality is defined as dense, reading explicit material which he calls his “studies”. Bong-Hwan sees the king and asks him to fill the lake with water. Grand Queen Dowager ordered the lake to be emptied. Bong-Hwan also reaches to him and slaps across his face. Before the Queen, the King does his best to showcase his sincerity and his maturity.

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He learns about the Queen and her “severe memory loss” to Kim Jwa-Geun. After this the numerous layers on the whole army people there to help. Bong-Hwan is completely out of his head and is acting vaguely in the marriage. The reality hits him hard and also realizes he needs to fulfill the marriage that evening. That night when the liquor table was set it was not just the king who will drink Bong Hwan can also be the one to taste his own medicine.

Episode 2 overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

Episode 2 of Mr. Queen starts with Bong-Hwan trying his best with the king. He continues to drink with him and take his advances. He hopes he comes down to consummating the marriage. Cheoljong goes to the bed alone and Bong Hwan believes everything about the tabloid is wrong he was just being sex-mad. Also to make sure about everything he ties a granny knot around his gown. He manages to fall asleep and starts to snore loudly. After he wakes up he sees that King Cheoljong is gone but her granny knot has become untied. The queen convinces herself that it is done by her only but at some point, she has a thought that it is not done by her.

After this King Cheoljong returns to Huijeongjeon Hall looking weary after he gets into a bad dream. Bong Hwan is also agitated as he is a force to meet Grand Queen Dowager. He just sees a storm of opportunity for questions about court lady Coi about the woman. Bong Hwan gets interrupted when he sees Lady Hwa Jin. He tries to act as suave as he can. He also was about to find out that the queen has been a push by Kim So Yong in the lake. Also, he definitely has no plan to rush to her and ask her if they can be friends. He definitely has no plan to rush to her and ask her if they can be friends. It turns out that she is smiling towards Hwa- Jin and believes to change the tactics.

After this, the king shows up and Bong Hwan becomes jealous of the concubine. Kings make Goo-Goo eyes and leaves in a huff. He has no shame and rushes up to her and asks the girl if they can be friends. It turns the other way of conversation and turns marriage into making love. Bong Hwa says he is very interagent and full of knowledge. Bong Hwa arrives with the King at Injeongjeon Hall. They took their positions on their respective throne and learn about the corrupt Kim Clan. Also, they are in charge of the royal palace.

They are responsible for collecting taxes and put the country into misery. After this, the plan set into motion, and Jo Hwa is not happy with the arrangements for the heirs. Bong Hwa leads out and finds himself accompanied by Kim Hwan. He tries to fool the guard and fool everyone to chop his way being alone. After this Bong-Hwan is seen at the Kisaeng House and throws down a whole stack of coins. This is one to encourage the girls to get involved in the festivities with him. After this, he went to extreme dancing which leads to him being dizzy and drunk. He finds the washroom and ends up in the means room and realizes that he is no more a man and starts blaming God. Meanwhile, the kings discuss the power play at the palace.

The king then decides to add his father-in-law to a position and distract them to know what they are really up to. After this drunken Bong Hwan enters the king room and hears an alarm ring. Even after pleading with the King, he doesn’t let his emotions interfere. After this, he heads out and confronts the Queen while holding Bong-Hwan up at sword-point.

Episode 3 Overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

Episode 3 starts with the last scene of episode 2. After this, he tries his best to pay off the disguised king with the stack coins. Later he realizes that he has none of it. After telling that she is a part of the armed forces, a rogue sword whizzes through the air and interrupts their discussion. After this fight ends this turns to Kim Byeong-In’s entry into the fight. It is seen that he is a part of Jae-Geun’s family. Also, it is seen that he doesn’t have any interest in talking. After this, the pair gets into a dazzling sword fight.

The king then continues to hide his identity. Then it eventually comes and stands still under the same roof tiles. Then he asks his subordinates to find the king meanwhile Bong Hwan is back to the palace. After this, it is seen that they are talking to King Cheoljong about what’s transpired and worry that if his intuition is wrong. This can turn out as bad news for them. So-Yong is despaired at being the Queen. She is holding her face as he promises not to forget to kiss the girl tentatively. She isn’t happy about this kiss and all as kissing a cousin is always dirty in some or another way. Also, Hungover Bong Hwan tries his best to play the role of the queen.

He wants some good food but unfortunately, the current chefs aren’t able to reach the bar. She goes to the kitchen and makes food like a chef. Everyone there is amazed to see her. After eating food Cheoljong arrives and asks the Queen whether she was drinking the night before. Not knowing the answer and what to reply she simply burps before the king and he leaves. After all, this chaos goes on the night turns to day and she serves food to Grand Queen Dowager. The grand queen is suffering from dental pain.

She is shaken when she comes to know that the Queen was the one who cooked it. It is seen that the king decides to test his throwing skills. After a quite busy day, Bong Hwan sits with the king and serves him a strong tea. After this Hwan realizes that the King was the one who attacked him out in the street.

Episode 4 overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

The next Episode 4 of Mr. Queen starts with Bong-Hwan doing well in not answering the questions of the king. Everything was going good there thing he misses was spiking the drink of the king. But Bong Hwan does figure out about the spiking before it was too late. She forces the king to drink it instead. After this, the king suddenly leans towards her and kisses the queen.

Bong Hwan pushes him off but the truth comes out spilling out. Cheoljong realizes that she doesn’t know the full story and then leaves with many questions and hurts his mind. After going inside the chamber Youngpyeong speaks to Cheoljong who confirms what the Queen said goes against the words. Queen Sunwon decides to create a crime scene in form of a masked man who is snatching up a court lady called O-Wol in the middle of the night.

The scene is shown where O-Wol pleads for her with a bag on her head. She is the only one who knows what happens at the lake. After all, he meets Jwa-Geun and reveals that he’ll soon make O-Wol talk., Bong-Hwan does some needlework and finds a suspicious will. Also, he comes to learn about the queen losing her appetite before the lake incident happen. This leads to the sign that the queen was actually trying to commit suicide.
This follows up with Hwa-Jin’s confession to the Grand Queen Dowager too. She hears from Hwa-Jin that she was with the Queen that night and she willingly fell in the lake.

She brandishes a letter allegedly corroborated from O-Wol, confirming that the Queen Dowager is involved in a big scheme with Hwa-Jin. After all the hopes are dead Cheoljong shows up and tries to talk the Grand Queen Dowager out of her plan. In the end, it is seen that Bong-Hwan steps up and admits in front of the Grand Queen Dowager that she tried to take her own life. She asks them to let her go without any punishment.

Episode 5 overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

In the next episode of  Mr. Queen Korean Drama, it is seen that there is a constant attempt at dethroning the queen. It is seen that Feigning is faint instead and Byeong-In grabs her and winds up involved in a staring contest with Cheoljong. Cheolijong is the one who takes up a fainted Hwa-Jin. Daebi is seen contemplating poisoning the arrowhead and going after the queen. Bong Hwan is taken home and tries not to open his eyes. He opens up when he sees the servant and the father crying for the queen. Hwan realizes the terrible moment and is a force to listen to all those noises. After this, the Queen’s Father goes back to Ganghwamun.

He drops to his knees and outside and su=tart being sad about what happened to the queen. Byeon has some doubt about the king as he thinks that King must have done something to cause So-Yong to attempt suicide. After this, it is seen that The Grand Queen Dowager is furious at Bong-Hwan’s rude and arrogant behavior and also admits that So-Yong came to visit her on the night she tried to take her own life. Meanwhile, in this whole chaotic situation, So-Yong was planning to leave the palace and couldn’t bear the misery of enduring the position of Queen.

Meanwhile, Bong-Hwan wonders why there is a sudden heavy downpour he is realizing that it could be his way back to his other life. After This King Cheoljong spooks her dancing in the rain. He then apologizes but Bong-Hwan is so caught up with getting back to his old life. Also, he just brushes aside the King’s concerns and mocks him by calling him clingy. Eventually, the King gives his umbrella and tells her that she doesn’t need to worry as he won’t be sleeping in the same bed. After this, the queen continues to dance and some forces lead her to have dethroned and attempt suicide.

However, The Queen jumps back into the lake again when it stops raining. This was her try to get back into her old life. The moment she dives in, the King swims toward her angrily and pulls her to the surface.

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Episode 6 overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

The next episode 6 of Mr. Queen Korean Drama starts with Cheoljong thinking about the strange arrogance that too has washed over the Queen. Also after this, the Prince notices Cheoljong distracted and teases him saying it is because of a woman. Thinking about this thought constantly the king realizes why Bong Hwan was dancing in the rain and race back when being watched. Just before the queen dive into the water, there was a note left behind which came Midway through talking though, Cheoljong reading as I CAME HERE FOR NOTHING. this was signed by Bong Hwan. Just after dragging the queen safely, he asks her in anger why she tried to kill herself.

Eventually, Cheoljong gets agrees to her earlier “no touching” rule Bong-Hwan regrets as this isn’t what he meant. She wants them to live apart but at that time she diving into the lake and ending up in the same body is an unsuccessful event. After this, it is seen that the Court Lady Choi takes Bong-Hwan away. She returns to the palace shivering and is taken down by Hong-Yeon.

After this, it is seen that O-Wol walks through the palace but sadly straight into the path of Sal-Soo. This then leads him to stabs O-Wol in the stomach as she collapses on the ground in a heap. Meanwhile, Kim Jwa-Geun hires a spy in the form of one of the court ladies. This is done to report back on the Queen’s whereabouts.

After all this chaos she visits Bong-Hwan but despite being known that she is ill. Bong-Hwan makes his move and invites her personally to her room. Meanwhile, Hwa-Jin from his side tried everything to lure her but clearly, Bong-Hwan’s charm doesn’t work on her. That evening, Cheoljong finally realizes that he is somewhat attracted to the queen.

Prince Youngpyeong warns him that this can also lead to problems further down the line and implores him to keep a level head. The Queen Dowager consults her shaman. The shaman confirms that someone is occupying So-Yong’s body. This is someone who is quite wicked who needs to be taken care of. after this, the scene is cut and opens up to the heart monitor stopping and she collapses on the floor.

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Episode 7 Overview

Episode 7 of the Mr. Queen Korean Drama starts with Bong Hwan’s real body. the oxygen mask is removed and the doctor runs to see and try to shock him back to this life. this then spills over to the queen who is collapsed. Cheoljong races up to see her. Bong Hwan returns to his real body and realizes that it’s been a week already same time as Joseon. unfortunately, he is motionless and cannot react to anything.

In the Joseon time, Cheoljong and the others examine whether the Queen has been poison or not. the local physician confirms the worst that the queen is in a vegetative state. Cheljong demands to do something that is to be done to wake up the queen. Do Hwa Jin visit the queen’s mother and tell her to overcomes the queen itself. Queen’s mother invites Hwa-Jin in to join them for the upcoming ritual to release the evil spirit from the So-Yong’s body.

At the same time, Byeong-In continues his research and asks about the fabric. also, the one that Lord Kim Mun Geun has to see this before. In all, he links this up to the Prince who is obviously close to Cheoljong. This investigation comes to an abrupt close when he finds out about the Queen’s condition.

In the end of Queen finally wakes to find herself in a room full of gold. This then turns out as she is back in the home and it immediately peeked by her father who tries to bow to her. Afterward, a row of physicians waits for her as that wonderful “Bong Hwan A” which is played in the background. It is seen that the queen is quite irritated and there is a conversation between So Young father and Byeoung In.

They discuss the plan to dethrone the queen. the conversation mentions the fabric incident that took place and also linked it to the storehouse incident which is rob twice. On the other side, Bong Hwan is seen getting fix-up by makeup by an on-site beautician. He finds a book that is old and musty and takes So-Young down memory lane. Some secrets are hidden inside the palace walls. The episode ends on a note where Cheoljong is wearing a new robe.

Episode 8 Overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

In the 8 episode of Mr. Queen Korean Drama, it starts After Cheoljong comes to know about the queen’s awakening news he rushes back to see her. At the moment Bong Hwan tries his best to understand the memories she is feeling with Hong Yeon. After this Kim Hwan sees Hong Yeon walking towards her and he becomes quite fancy to her. Byeong In claims that he is in love with the queen. This is the only thinking this is not the reality. After this, he finally realizes he is in love with Hong Yeon. Hwa Jin tries to hide her jealousy as she learns that the king visited the queen.

The whole moment she is composing herself about the feeling and the news another squad of a soldier stands there. They are known as the alienated unit and are sent to the frontline. After this, the queen decides to take over the power to get rid of her own memory. To do this act she blocks her nose and speaks to Hong Yeon about the tactics to be more powerful. After this when Hong Yeon suggests to her that she has to go for the next heir he gets interrupted by the king. The king comes with a bouquet of flowers.

Also that evening down the lake the queen Dowager arrives before Hwa Jin. She tells her that he will be that he should be the future king. She has a brooch in hand and Hwa Jin admits that all his life he has been at the back. It is the time to get over the power and rule. Hwa Jin at that moment decides to reveal a secret about the past. Cheoljong then heads to the Queen’s house to try and find the secret documents.

The assassins show that the duo is winding up the trading blow. Bong Hwan sees that the shadow they are dancing rather than fighting. This shadow plays dancing until a knife pierces the blinds. Using a chamber pot in hand, he tries to hit the assassin. But instead, it winds up hitting Cheoljong. Also, this leads to cause the assassin to run away. After this, it is seen that Cheeoljong grabs Bong-Hwan, after sensing soldiers approach and begins kissing her. Beyond In sees them together.

Episode 9 Overview

Episode 9 of Mr. Queen starts with Byeong-In walking in on Cheoljong kissing Bong-Hwan. After this, they move into the bedroom and knock on the item. Byeong In regrets the decision but still sticks to the sound and watches outside. After this whole situation, Bong Hwan slaps himself in the face. He claims that So Young is trying to take control of the body.

Later that night king manages to put Bong Hwan to sleep. He tells the queen gently that he is not able to tell the difference between a dream and reality. After the queen sleeps Bong Hwa tries to break into the hidden compartment in Lord Kim’s study. He manages to break the lock with the lockpick. The ledger he has been finding is gone and no longer there. After this Byeong-In sneaks in the hallways and hears giggling coming from Bong-Hwan while he’s asleep. He thinks that it is the king and him together.

The next morning Bong Hwan and Cheoljong wake up and also pretend that there is no hot and steamy night. She sees the room and suspects there was something that happens. After this, she and Cheoljong sit together and they both have different plans for the day ahead. The day for Cheoljong has to get the ledger while Bong-Hwan is determined to get back to the palace. After this Grand Queen Dowager speaks to Jwa-Geun and says that Bong Hwa is set to escape. Meanwhile, there are two sets of the guard who clash with Byeong In which is leading the red team, and prince Youngpyeong holding the blue. Byeong-In stares Youngpyeong down during the clash. After this Grand Queen Dowager speaks to Jwa-Geun and says that Bong Hwa is set to escape. Meanwhile, there are two sets of the guard who clash with Byeong In which is leading the red team, and prince Youngpyeong holding the blue. Byeong-In stares Youngpyeong down.

In the end, finally, Cheoljong is told to be in peace but he still remains worried about his mother. Then the flashback takes place and it is seen that Cheoljong is trying to find a ledger. The lid of the well is put back on again this makes the king panic. After that In the past, we see So-Yong studying on the anniversary of her Mother after which She sits with Hwa-Jin and they discuss their changing fates.

After this So-Yong heads down the well and sits opposite the King. The king convincing him to cry and let it all out is shown after this. After this When So-Yong is taken out of the well and then her father closes the top of the well keeping Cheoljong inside. So Young pleads with Byeong In to help and convince him to remove the stone and free him from prison. Hwa-Jin poses So-Yong and took the book from his hands. This is the same book that Hwa-Jin is holding in the present.

Episode 10 Overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

Episode 10 of Mr. Queen begins with the king calling Hwa Jin when he is stuck in the well. Bong Hwan saves him from the ill fate and brings him back to the queen rooms. Bong Hwa ignores the insult and decides to embrace the king being like Hwa Jin. This seems to work as he holds Cheoljong and allows him to calm down. Hwa jin decides to free herself from the past and reveal everything to the king. She heads to the palace. Later she realizes that the king is not in the palace which means he is with Bong Hwan.

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Hong Yeon shows up in the morning and finds the queen asleep with the king and hurry out. Bong Hwa opens his eyes and looks out Cheoljong’s nose until he wakes up. She rolls away and greets the king.After this sequel Lord Kim open the door and get queen memories back. This also includes So young father being responsible for trapping Cheoljong inside the well. This flashback vanishes out and in present Bong Hwa sees Kim’s from front and shock seeing why is she set up with the king. After heading back Bong Hwan realizes that he has a royal concubine coming up and he waves to the local folk.

In the end, Queen Dowager plays her role well and confuses things further. Jin Hwa head to the archery and starts firing her bow and arrow. This is the way she relives her stress. In the time Grand queen meets Cheoljong and warns him to stay in line. If the words do not follow the family can face the consequences. this was done just to take things back to the track that was happening in the palace. After this Cheoljong has a bad dream that sees him strung up like a puppet at the hands of the Grand Queen Dowager.

The dream leads to the palace burning too. Bong-Hwan meanwhile has a good dream as he sees himself sharing a hot tub with several other women. The ladies are then replaced by Cheoljong. Cheoljong forward to kiss her in this dream, the episode comes to a close.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama

Episode 11 Overview

In episode 11 of the drama, it is seen that the Byeong-In knows the truth about Cheoljong. This will cause some problems for the king. He certainly causes problems going forward as he looks set to go after him with destructive rage. The episode will be the beginning of the cliffhanger with the two about to strike each other is a distressing way to end things but it will be exciting to see them against.

On the other side, it is seen that Hwa Jin has hit Bong Hwan with a metal tip arrow. This action was done because of the anger and the agitation towards Bong Hwan getting close to the king. This incident becomes an eye-opener for Bong Hwan as he truly sees the real color of Hwa Jin.

It is also seen that the Grand Queen Dowager and the Queen Dowager come to blows and continue to quarrel. Bong-Hwan is the one who is stuck in the middle of this conflict. This is another fight that can explode at any moment.

Episode 12 Overview

Episode 12 of Mr. Queen leads to the drastic cliffhanger that was left in the last episode. The king and Byeong In fight with each other being the best friends to each other. The man is on the knees and Cheoljong warns that he should know his place. During the same time in the wood, Hwa Jin arrow misses the queen. Bong-Hwan is skeptical and claims she didn’t kill O-Wol this happens when Hwa-Jin confronts the Queen.

She refuses to believe her and Bong Hwan and calls her she kill the thing she needs in the dinner. Bong Hwan walks away and Hwa Jin pulled an arrow. This is kind of a warning arrow which states that she can be hit any time. After this, the king is forced into submitting. This means to get his royal guards to punish. He believes the matter is in Jwa Guen’s hands. The tears are rolling down from the cheeks as Cheoljing walk and everyone begin to pray. After this, someone blew and ignited the gunpowder which leaves to the death of many. It was whole blood on the ground. Bong Hwan tries to comfort the king as he held him back.

Episode 13 Overview

In episode 13 Cheoljong’s life begins Bong-Hwan rush back to the palace. He is against the idea of this while it is seen that Hwa Jin is praying for Queen Dowager just to gain revenge. Byeong-In contacts the Bong Hwan he is worried about the king and wants to see him.

There is limited access around the king and he is receiving the treatment. The moment queen walks away he throws his arm around her and the flashback comes again. In there he sees that So-Yong about to kiss Byeong-In and starts to understand what’s going on. In the present, he tells Byeong-In he wants to be left alone.

Byeong-In then turns his attention to the Royal Guards and has them examined. One guard spill the beans by telling Kim Gwen is the one who planted the disaster. After Bong Hwa leaves the court ladies take a break and take the confidential documents with them. They bring it straight to the Grand queen. Later that evening queen lies down drunk and looks at Hong Yeon fondly. He touches the face and she touches the back it looks like they are about to kiss and the scene fades. Bong Hwan wakes up and finds the king lying next to him.

Episode 14 Overview

Episode 14 of the drama Mr. Queen has shown that Bong-Hwan is into helping Cheoljong and taking down the hierarchical powers of Grand Queen Dowager and Jwa-Geum. It is seen she is trying her luck hard to get the position. At the end of the episode, it is seen that the Queen is beside herself is in a rage, and wants to go after the Grand queen. Cheoljong is called the death of a small sacrifice, Bong Hwan gets mad and confronts him. He walks away but Cheoljung has his finger cross which means death does mean a bigger sacrifice to him. This means he is lying to him. Also, he doesn’t believe what he’s saying and is clearly biding his time to look again.

Episode 15 Overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

Episode 15 of Mr. Queen starts with the last scene of episode 14. Bong Hwan weeps and cries while touching the girl. She realizes that Dam Hyam is alive and isn’t poisoned. After this, he sits alone across the lake and admits the truth to his queen. He admits that the girl gave a liquid known simply as Mafeisan. Hong arrives and informs the child is safe. He also mentions the mother will join soon. After no long, the reunion is seen.

Cheoljung approaches Hwa jin and reveals that the queen has to hire someone. After this Hwa-Jin finds herself struggling to concentrate on her archery. During Prince, Youngpyeong shows she was thinking that the body wasn’t actually O-Wol and she wonders whether she’s been played by Queen Dowager. In the palace, Bong Hwan and Cheoljung get closer and together and ask if So Young save him from the well and she admits the truth.

Episode 16 Overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

Episode 16 of Mr. Queen Korean Drama starts with the surprise news of So-Yong being pregnant. She comes to know this one night before Bong Hwan blackout with the king. The drama is taking some unexpected turns when it s inch closer to the end. Inside the palace, all the political planning is going on. Meanwhile, Cheoljung and Bong Hwan are teaming up to help remove the corrupt people and have a nice environment.

The episode revolves around the shocking pregnancy that leads to different questions. The questions related to what will happen to Bong Hwan will the spirit be back in the correct body and what will be the fate for both.

Episode 17 overview

Episode 17 is a total turnover. Cheoljung leaves the palace and walks out willingly while being into a trap with Byeon In. Bong Hwan is left alone with the Gran Queen Dowager. Being an opportunist she takes over the throne herself. The rumors are here and there and the queen is under high pressure as the news can break at any moment. If this happens then Bong Hwan will be falling too. The situation gets dirty and confusing. The issue gets interesting though. It is to be seen who will be perceiving the power and rule the throne what will be the downfalls for the palace.

Episode 18 Overview

In the episode of Mr. Queen Korean Drama, it is seen that Bong-Hwan is being reassured that the King will be back soon. King has bigger obstacles to deal with in the form of Byeong-In. Also, Cheoljong makes some bold decisions and jumps into the water below before Byeong-In. This is done so that he can hit the killing blow.

There is no such news of the king being alive or dead. Things are not good for Bong Hwa too in the palace. He struggles to disguise in the bloodied shoulder. Byeong-In suggests that he not be alone now and vows to protect her unborn child. After this Byeong-In finds the Queen and pursuits her through the woods. This leads to court lady Choi who tries to buy some time and hang being knock. Bong Hwan finds himself in the problem and Byeon In runs aways. He holds him and asks him about who he is and what he’s done with So-Yong, as the episode comes to a close.

Episode 19 Overview

The episode starts with Bong-Hwan admitting to Byeong-In that he’s not the real Queen. He also says that he is inside So Young body from the day he was saved from the lake. This changes everything. He decides to team up with Bong Hwan to save So-Young. After this, he holds the queen’s hand and fights with the soldiers.

A scar is given across the face to assume that is Sal Soo. The big day has arrived everyone prepares for Given the scar across his face, it’s fair to assume this is Sal-Soo. The big day arrives and everyone prepares for the enthronement ceremony. Hwa Guen readies himself and prepares to take control over the throne. The real king and queen are on the route to get their throne back. In the end, Jwa Guen checks the transport and starts searching inside. He sees a deep sword in the wood.

Mr. Queen Episode guide

Episode 20 Overview Mr. Queen Korean Drama

The last episode of Mr. Queen Korean Drama ends on an abrupt note as it is seen that Bong Hwan and Cheoljung never said goodbye to each other. There is an unfortunate ending with no time to bid adieu. It is seen that Cheoljong touches the Queen’s Dictionary and realizing that something is missing. This is one of the hints that he is knowing and is subconscious. The Queen was a different person all along. along. It is said that he couldn’t live in Joseon Period.

It is seen that So Young was aware a bit about Bong Hwan being in her body. The spirit was powerless to stop him from being there. When everything was done by Bong Hwan the credits lead to So Young. The season ends on the note where everything takes back its place and there is some abrupt ending.

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