When you think of a zombie flick, it’s not hard to imagine dead brain parts exploding everywhere, bodies that are hungry for a human brain, and damn right mindless shooting.The main character is usually an average guy who somehow managed to survive the apocalypse and is now driving around searching for his family. The average guy somehow found a badass who can kill three zombies in one shot, a hot chick who can kick some ass better than him, and someone who is a sorer loser than him. This is the standard recipe for all zombie movies out there.

Ravenous (Les Affamés) 2018 Review

Ravenous Review

Netflix’s Ravenous (Les Affamés) is bold enough to change the meta. Instead of setting in a more urban place, the movie was set in the countryside. White chairs, green grasses on a sunny day…and a family of four swinging their rifles is an odd combination. But the movie nailed the experimental side perfectly, giving the zombie apocalypse genre another angle.

Ravenous (Les Affamés)

The same rule for zombie movies are still in effect: zombies can be killed if shot you them in the brain and you become like them when they bit you. What sets the film apart is that the zombies are faster and is more intelligent. Not the Warm Bodies kind, Ravenous (Les Affamés) got zombies that can plan against the survivor, not just slowly walk toward them and mumble an incoherent “brains”.

The shots and angles are also superb. What what’s even more superb is the slow build-up of the story. Highlighting the relationship of each character to everyone more than that deformed face of the zombie flailing is a fresh breath of air for this genre. The realistic relationship and reaction of the characters in an apocalypse is captivating for those who always wonder about humanity. There’s even a scene when a character tells someone “He puts down his entire family and still manages to laugh,”.

Everyone is jaded, and this is necessary if you want to survive. As a coping mechanism, the characters showered themselves with dark humors that adds charm to the film. In a zombie apocalypse, you need to kill a familiar face, specially if that familiar face is trying to eat your brain. The sound effects are great for those moments when everything seem to happen out of nowhere.

Overall, the movie is for the interested audiences that is searching for a new experimental zombie-movie. It is still scary and will make your heart jump at times, but with added mixture of realistic projection in the recipe.


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