A Quiet Place Blu-Ray/DVD Release Date And Exclusive Bonus

A Quiet Place Blu-Ray/DVD Release date

A Quiet Place Blu-Ray/DVD release date is nearly here. The movie made over US$ 320 million with a very little budget, compared to its box office record. A quiet place had a budget of less than US$ 22 million.

A Quiet Place dvd release date

A Quiet Place‘s plot is something like this, “A family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creature takes over the earth, that hunt by sound, and threaten their lives. If they hear you, they hunt you.” The main lead actor and actress were the real-life husband-wife duo, John Krasinki, and Emily Blunt. As I mentioned above, “If they hear you, they hunt you” This had quite the effects on audiences as well. In most cinemas, you could the slightest voice.

A Quiet Place Blu-Ray/DVD Release Date & Bonus Features:

Creating the Quiet: Behind the Scenes of A Quiet Place

The Sound of Darkness: Editing Sound for A Quiet Place

A Reason for Silence: The Visual Effects of A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Blu-Ray Release date
A Quiet Place 4K Ultra HD – Blue Ray – Digital

The movie is now coming to home via Digital on 26th June, the Blu-ray, 4K UHD, and DVD versions are also on the way, they will be available to you on 13 August 2018. You can also pre-order the movie on Amazon.


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