[moved to techglen[ Prison Lab Anime Adaptation Announced

Many of us have been the victims of bullying at some point in our lives. Few of us have actually stood up to it but, none of us would have done things like Eyama Aito. We will get to that in a bit. The official Twitter account for the LINE LIVE service has announced the anime adaptation of Chiho Minase and Kantetsu’s Kangoku Jikken -Prison Labo-manga. The anime will be produced by Production I.G

Production I.G’s Anime Beans app is currently running an audition for voice actors for the anime. They started accepting applications on Monday and the audition will last up to November 28. The manga is focused on Eyama Aito, who is a high school student with severe depression. He is a victim of bullying. One day, he receives a letter in which he was invited to a “confinement game”. All he had to do was name a person and the said person would be confined for a month.

Eyama could do anything to the person except for killing him/her. There was also a promised rewarf at the end. Eyama chooses Kirishima, who is the ringleader of the pack that bullies him. The story of the manga is definitely unique and it would be really nice to watch something new. Something that isn’t a shounen, so this manga is going on my to-watch list.

The first book volume of the manga was published by Futabasha in February 2016. The seventh volume was shipped on June 28 with the eighth being shipped on December 12. The Tate Anime app was launched by Production I.G back in June 2017. However, the services were halted on May 31. The app offered short anime, which updated on weekdays. Each series had 10 episodes. The anime was presented vertically for smartphones. Production I.G rebranded the app as Anime Beans in June, and it no longer features exclusively vertical anime.

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