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Mouse Episode 18: Release Date & Preview

What is the release date of Mouse Episode 18?
Leading Casts for Mouse Epiosde 18 (Credit: tvN)

Mouse Episode 16 and 17 aired after a long hiatus and delay last week. Finally, people got to know more about the real Jang Ba-Reum. Episode 16 featured Moo-Chi asking whether he saw the real killer of Nam Chi Kook. However, Ba-Reum denies the same to which Moo-Chi asks him is it a lie? Furthermore, Moo-Chi says he cannot understand how Ba-Reum said he could not see the face. Moo Chi assumes, further, it could be so because he got threatened. However, he says to Ba-Reum that Nam Chi Kook’s case needs to be looked at from the start in any case. Now, the audience is more interested in knowing about Mouse Episode 18 release date and what will happen.

In one instance, Choi Hong-Ju asks Yoo-Han’s mother if she has the experience of taking care of the kids of others when watching her handling a kid. She sees a photo and says that how can the eyes just look the same. Jang Ba-Reum thinks it is not now, and he cannot die yet. He will catch and kill the guy who killed Chi Gook. Only after that may he will surrender or redeem himself. At one instance, Moo Chi catch Ba-Reum asks him why is he acting so suspicious? Ba-Reum went somewhere and thinks again about everything being a lie and make-believe around him. How can things be like this? Episode 17 saw Ba-Reum and Moo Chi each searching for the Oz organization in their own way.

Mouse Episode 18: Release Date

Mouse Episode 18 release date is May 12, 2021, on tvN at 22:30 KST. Thus, there are only two days left for the premiering of the upcoming episode. So, the next episode will premier on Wednesday. Mouse aired seventeen episodes until now, out of the twenty. Episode 18 and 19 is coming in this week, much to the anticipation of people. There are no delays for the upcoming episodes.  

What is the release of Mouse Episode 18?

Official poster for Mouse: The Predator wherein Ba-reum is showing his true evilness (Credit: tVN)

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Mouse Episode 18: What to Expect?

Mouse Episode 18 does not have any preview as of writing. Hence, one cannot exactly assume the storyline for the upcoming episode. However, assumptions and deductions are possible as to what may happen in episode 18. As we saw in the finale of episode 17, detective Moo-Chi saw Jang Ba-Reum at each of the crime scenes in video footage. Furthermore, Jang Ba-Reum also remembered Sung Yo Han’s last words about them being lab rats. Now, the upcoming episode will feature Moo-hi confronting Ba-Reum. Even if he does not confronts him directly, he will begin suspecting him and search for evidence against him. 

There is also the case of the Oz Organization. Both Ba-Reum and Moo-Chi are in search of them. The upcoming episode will reveal their real identity and who is behind everything. It seems that Yoo Han and Ba-Reum are the victims of only one organization. Now, Ba-Reum will search for them frantically after knowing about being lab rats. It will also show what they actually did to him. The role of Daniel Lee’s in his life will also get portrayed in Episode 18. It seems even the organization is after him also. 

Are there more members of Oz in Ba-Reum’s life? What is their real identity? Why are they targeting Ba-Reum and controlling him? What is the real move of Oz Organization doing all this? Is the Oz Organization controlled by one person or a group of persons? Is Jang Ba-Reum an actual psychotic killer or just a puppet of someone? Are Yoo Han and Ba-Reum lab rats? If yes, who did it to them and why? All these questions will get answered in the upcoming episode. 

Mouse Episode 18: Cast

Mouse Episode 18 leading casts are Lee Seung-Gi, Park Ju-Hyun, Lee Hee-Joon, and Kyung Soo-Jin. They are respectively portraying the characters of Jeong Ba-Reum, Choi Hong-Ju, Goo Moo-Chi, and Oh Bong-Yi. The drama saw the appearances of many supporting casts until now. The star-studded casts make it one of the reasons for watching the drama besides the suspense and thriller. 

Mouse Episode 18: Where to Watch?

Mouse Episode 18 will air on the tvN original network. So the people from South Korea can watch it on their television channel. Besides, the series will be available on Viki for watching. However, it needs the standard subscription for watching it immediately internationally. Otherwise, one has to wait for one week to watch the same. The series is also available on Viu, MyTV SUPER, and iQIYI only in some selected countries. There is also the Asiafilx app in the play store where the episode will be available easily. There also many unofficial sites where the Mouse is available for streaming. 

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