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Morgana McNelis Boyfriend: Her Relationship Status & Career

Morgana Mcnelis Dating, Net Worth
Morgana Mcnelis

Who is Morgana McNelis Dating? Although Morgana McNelis is known to be a productive jewelry designer, her abilities as a jewelry producer earned her not only the prestige and vogue she enjoys today but her connection with Charlie Hunnam for more than 10 years. Although her business had long since collapsed, Morgana had several setbacks before she started the company. According to her, she and her sister started a jewelry company in 2007. But collapsed that year due to the economic crisis. However, despite the negative events, Morgana McNelis revealed to people that she had learned several lessons from the experience, including the fact that there is a seed of opportunity at every obstacle. And that seed turned out to be Maison de Morgana.

Morgana McNelis is most often described as one of the most polite people around. Despite being connected to the world of entertainment either through her work or through her relationships, she had maintained a low profile far from the limelight. Her only goal is to make jewelry that will be appreciated in the future. With her love for crafts, she understands that it is not enough just to make her products beautiful and unique. Quality is very important to her because she wants her customers to be able to use her products for life.

Who is Morgana McNelis Dating?

Who is Morgana McNelis Dating? Well, The 5 foot 8-inch beauty met the Sons of Anarchy star in 2005, and they started dating. Yes, you heard it right, Morgana is currently in a relationship with Charlie Hunnam. Before both of them met with each other, Charlie was still stabbed by the downfall of his relationship with his ex-wife Katherine Towne. In an interview, he revealed that one of the reasons he was attracted to Morgana was because she was a person who didn’t want to be the center of attention.

Morgana Mcnelis Dating, Net Worth

Morgana McNelis with Charlie Hunnam

Morgana McNelis Biography:

On September 7, 1983, Morgana McNelis was born in Georgia, USA. She is a very private person. Although her relationship with Charlie Hunnam has put her in the limelight, she has done a very well job at keeping almost everything about her family and background out of the limelight. However, she is known to have a sister named Marina Milori, who has a close relationship with her. After entering the jewelry industry as a model, she took a course in jewelry making and studied art, fashion, and business in an institution of higher learning. Since she started making her own jewelry after starting her own business called Maison de Morgana, Jewelry has become an integral part of the industry.

Morgana McNelis is popular for making unique and custom pieces of jewelry such as white bronze and brass bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Her merchandise is bought throughout Los Angeles and Japan. Information on her company’s website shows that she fell in love with jewelry design at the age of 20. Morgana’s jewelery structures are inspired by various citations, including the supernatural Arthurian Sorcerers Morgana La Fey, neo-Gothic, and Macabre.

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Due to the fact that Charlie Hunnam’s first marriage with actress Katherine Towne ended only three years after the union. Many people believe that the subsequent relationship will likely be as short-lived as the first. However, Morgana shut their mouth by being with Charlie for over ten years, and thus far. The two have shown no signs of drifting away.

About Charlie Hunnam:

Charles Matthew, well recognized as “Charlie” Hunnam, was born on 10 April 1980. He is an English screenwriter and actor. He earns an estimated net worth of $16 million, and this wealth and prosperity come mainly from the films and television creations he has starred in. Charlie is an English actor and model, best known for his roles in “Sons of Anarchy”, “Green Street”, “Queer as Folk”, “Nicholas Nickleby”, “Pacific Rim”, and “The Lost City of Z”. But he is perhaps best known for the film Green Street Hooligans, in which he starred as Pete Dunham. He was nominated for best actor in a drama series at the 2011 and 2012 Ewwy Awards and in 2012 for Best Actor in the Drama Series Critics Award at Choice Awards.

Morgana Mcnelis Dating, Net Worth

Morgana McNelis with Charlie Hunnam

Hunnam was first picked up while he was just joking at a shoe store. The award goes to the production manager of Byker Grove, a show for British children. Hunnam appeared in three episodes of the show. However, his first big role came much later. This happened when he was 18 years old, with his role in Queer as Folk. Charlie Hunnam married Katherine Towne in 1999. The wedding took place in Las Vegas. However, the couple divorced three years later. He hasn’t been married since then, and currently, he was dating Morgana McNelis.

Net Worth: Morgana McNelis

Morgan McNelis, apart from being a jewelry architect, also has bestowed her impressions in numerous movies and television shows such as 187: The McKenna Murders and Acting 101, where she characterized the position of Lura and a bartender, respectively. She also tried her hand as an assistant costume designer for the Irish horror movie Isolation released in 2005, and in 2015 her performance in Acting 101 attained a lot of attention and received a nomination for an award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. Morgana McNelis has reportedly amassed an estimated $1 million net worth from her jewelry business and entertainment industry.

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