Molly Bloom Net Worth: How Rich is The Famous Poker Queen?

Molly Bloom, the author, entrepreneur, and speaker fell trap in the greed of money and ended up in jail. Molly is one of the best-selling authors. A movie is adapted from her book named Molly’s game. She had prepared for years to become an Olympic Skier but was wounded while qualifying for the Olympics. She said she had spine surgery when she was seven years old, and she has always dreamt of obtaining an Olympic gold medal for the USA in skiing.

However, fate had different plans for her. During her Olympic qualifying round, she tripped on her back and injured herself, which made it impossible for her to ski ever again. According to her interview, the Ellen Show took a year gap just to have fun and chill. However, her parents did not approve of her plan, so she had to work while she was in Los Angles. Initially, she took up the job of a bartender and then of a waitress.

Is Molly's Game Based On A True Story?
Molly Bloom’s Talking About Her Life On Ellen’s Show. (Credits: Ellentube)

Then she finally ended up at a decent job as an executive secretary for a rich guy. And one day, that guy asked her to help arrange a poker game. She helped him arrange a poker game by making a playlist and setting the tables properly.

A Girl Who Wanted To Make The United States Proud Was Now A Poker Queen Of Los Angeles

She chooses the perfect menu and the cutest outfit she had at the time. Molly said when she walked into the room, she saw all the influential people there. She said there were actors, politicians, businessmen, including the people from the list of most rich people. Looking at so much power in a room, her teenage blood rush made her mad. After that, she tried to understand the game, the rules of the game. She understood how it works, and then she was the queen ruling the tables of poker in Los Angles. She said that she felt empowered as she never saw such hard money coming in quickly.

Molly said her business picked up pace were quick. And in no time was having background checks of her clients. And by her clients, she meant faces she saw on national television. She even understood how these businessmen never run out of cash and how they can invest in several things altogether. She started giving credits to her clients, and she had signed off a huge amount of cheques. Initially, her business was legit, but she started loving easy money over a period of time, and her greed got the best of her.

The Federal Law Of The United States Of America Sniffed Molly’s Money Lust, And She Was In Trouble Then.

The federal law sniffed her money lust, and she was under observation. In April 2013, she was fined with operating a high-stakes poker game that started in the Los Angles Viper Room, which drew wealthy people, rascals figures, and Hollywood celebrities. During 2014, after pleading guilty to decreased charges, she was condemned to one year of punishment, a $1,000 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

Why Is Molly Bloom Famous?
Molly Bloom Promoting Her Book Molly’s Game. (Credits: Unibet Open)

In addition, she was ordered to abandon $125,000 in profits from the games she operated. She was very cooperative in her trial, and she accepted her mistakes. She happily gave up the money and devoted extra hours to the community service.

Molly Bloom Net Worth

Even after losing everything, Molly Bloom’s still holds a Net Worth of 5 Million Dollars. Molly’s chunk of earnings was counted as illegal and was taken away from her in the name of fines. However, Molly still had enormous liquid money, which was claimed white. Molly wrote an autobiography, and a movie was adapted from her book. The movie was nominated for the Oscars. She still holds the royalty of the “Molly’s Games,” which is worth 6 Million Dollars. Molly still owns the Viper Room, which is now being used for legit commercial work.

Molly has been an amazing orator, and she also used to be a teacher. She reached the art of poker and how to make a profit by the game legally. Molly owns a mansion in Los Angles. Her book Molly’s Game has been a best seller continuously for two years, and the royalties of the book are around 9 Million Dollars. Molly owns 40% shares of a hotel named Plaza Place in Lost Angles. Molly lost an enormous amount of money. But she still managed to add on her net worth with her white money.