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Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 10: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Miracle Workers Season 3 has started out and is almost on the verge of ending. Previously on the series, we have seen Ezekiel as well as Benny among the whole group. They are present with the farmers in the deserts of the wild west, unable to quench their thirst for water. We mainly saw Ezekiel, who started hallucinating because of the heat in the desert and was unable to keep his mind straight. His eyes started to show him water everywhere, and all of it was getting out of hand. It was because of Benny that Ezekiel was brought back to their senses.

Later in the scenes, we saw that The Gunslinger was found by the team. It was lying right in front of their eyes in the middle of the dessert. He was in deep pain with heatstroke and was having illusions. The only thing he could feel at that moment was himself at a pool party. There was a lot of hard work involved, but the group was able to survive through the whole desert location and pick up at the Jungle trail. Soon enough, Ezekiel and Prudence get intimate with each other and make a decision to tell their partner about the affair as soon as the two reach the top of the mountain. They even made promises to each other to separate from their respective partners and spend a life together.

Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 10

A still from Miracle Workers Season 3

Miracle Workers Season 3 Recap

Further, in the show, we see that Trig comes back to the place. As soon as he does so, he captures and kills Benny. She is having a lot of issues with people not appreciating her for her and rather comparing her work to that of her father’s legacy. After this, we see that Ezekiel and Prudence bring some action. The duo stops her and ties them up. On the other hand, their trial is so badly cursed because a variety of bad things starts happening to them. Ezekiel gets scared at the thought and thinks it is happening because of his sinful affair with Prudence. This is why he kneels down before God and asks for forgiveness. This reveals the truth to everyone present at the place.

Todd becomes super angry at the truth and takes Prudence along with him with force. In this process, the food supply stored for everyone in the band gets destroyed. In the most recent ninth episode, we saw the majority of the focus being laid on the farmers as well as Benny, the teen, and Ezekiel. Given the fact that they have no food stored for them and even have to reach the top of the mountain using a cursed trail, everything is getting pretty hard.

We saw how everyone was trying to complete the entire Oregon trail bit soon enough, the journey got cursed by God himself as per what Ezekiel was thinking. This series is mainly about themes such as comedy as well as drama. It has released on our digital screens a few years ago but has gained a notable audience since then. Right now, we shall head over and discuss the various updates regarding the next episode of the series.

Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date and Where to Watch

Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 10 is scheduled for release on 14th September 2021. The episode is titled End of the Trail and going to drop out at 10:30 PM as per the Eastern Time on TBS Network. New episodes of the drama launch every week on Tuesdays. Thus, if you are a fan, I suggest you keep your eyes out. If you want to review the possible streaming options for the series, then we have some wrapped up for you all. The first and the easiest way is through TBS as you tune into the channel at the date and time mentioned above. Another way is through its official website, where all the latest episodes are available to watch. YouTube TV, as well as DirecTV and Fubo TV, will come to your aid if you are someone wishing to watch the entries online but live, at the same time when it airs.

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