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Mike Holmes Net Worth: How Rich is The Famous Businessman?

Mike Holmes Net Worth

Mike Holmes has truly made a name for himself in the business market because he is a recognized builder, a contractor, and a businessman. He has invested in a lot of big projects while also hosting a couple of television shows. Mike is also a philanthropist. He started his first series called Holmes on Homes, where the audience witnesses him rescuing the various homeowners whose renovations have gone completely wrong. Obviously, nothing incorrect is seen outside on the surface but then enters Mike Holmes, who quickly spots the more severe problems such as dangerous wiring and asbestos along with mold and faulty insulation. And here, in this article, we have covered all about the net worth of Mike Holmes.

Sometimes, in rare homes, there also are structural damages that are not caught by the vacant eye, but Mike does it all for us. Mike has a full team for his work and promises that he can make all of it right, even if that means stripping the whole house down to its core. Well, after his own television debut ended, Mike has starred in a variety of successful successive series such as Holmes and Holmes. The builder was born on the 3rd of August 1963 in Halton Hills, located in Ontario, which makes him 57 years old. He has major successful series on Canadian TV.

Mike Holmes Net Worth

Mike Holmes

His career

When asked about who taught him about the whole building process, Mike Holmes revealed that it was his father who taught him everything. He started teaching a little Mike, who was just six years old, about all the construction work. Mike says that by the time he was 19 years old, he employed 13 people to help him with his brand new contracting company. Later, as soon as he turned 21 years in age, Holmes found his own renovation company. We know how Mike has been in this field for more than 20 years now, and during that period, he has worked really hard on his contracting career running the two companies.

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As for a bit detail of his personal life, Mike happens to have three children at this point in time. Their names are Amanda, as well as Sherry and Mike Junior. All three of them have been witnessed and even lent a helping hand to their father on his shows. Now, along with this great success, people have started to take curiosity in the constructor’s net worth and financial success. Thus, if you consider yourself as such a fan, then this is the right place to come at. Here, we have wrapped up all the details about Mike Holmes and his net worth.

Mike Holmes Net Worth

Mike Holmes has an estimated net worth of 30 million US dollars. Given that he is the most trusted contractor in Canada, most of his income comes from his construction business only. Reader’s Digest also named him the second most trusted person in entire Canada back in 2010. Other sources of his income include the various shows which he is a part of right now.

The list includes Holmes Inspection, Best of Holmes on Homes, Holmes Makes It Right, and the Handyman Challenge Franchise. Later, he started the Mike Holmes inspection in 2009, where he has even won two Gemini Awards. He has various accolades under his belt, such as the Honorary Doctorate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Then he was also awarded Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal.

When he was asked about what inspires him to make such shows, he said that one time in 2006, he came across a client whose home was so poorly built that he, along with the team, decided to rip it apart entirely. Rather than repairing the damage, he felt like starting fresh with the whole structure. This was why he started The Holmes Foundation. In the same year, he was recognized in the House of Commons located in Canada for his promotional skills of trade as well as the excellence he brings along while improving the building standards.

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