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Michael Avenatti Net Worth: How Rich is The Controversial Lawyer Now?

Michael Avenatti Net Worth

Michael Avenatti, the car racer, the lawsuit attorney, is sentenced to stay behind bars for 30 months. Everyone is eager to know Michael Avenatti net worth and why is he behind bars. This is not the first time Michael’s name is making the headlines. He has been a controversial king for a very long time now. And you might know him as the lawyer who represented the adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Donal Trump. After that, he tried to sue Nike and tried to encash some million dollars from the oceans of Billion. But Phil Knight is one of the richest people globally, but he is the founder of the Nike shoe empire. He was not going to get tricked by some lawyer. Nike fired back, and their cannon threw Michael into jail for 30 months straight.

However, this is not the first time Michael will breathe the jail air or swallow jail water. He has been arrested before under the charge of domestic violence. It is said that Michael’s girlfriend had some visible injuries, which can only be caused by physical abuse. However, Michael said that the story was fabricated, and he never laid a hand on his ex-wives or girlfriend. His ex-wives were involved in the investigation, and they issue a statement that said that Michael never abused them physically, emotionally or mentally.

Michael Avenatti Net Worth

Michael Avenatti Still Holds A Million Dollar In His Account Even After All These Scams. (Credits: The Washington Post)

They said he is not the kind of person who feels empowered by abusing women. Michael’s ex-girlfriend also stepped into the investigation and said no such thing happened when dating Michael. Considering all the shreds of evidence and all the testimonies, he was not charged. But he had to pay his bail, which cost him 50,000 thousand dollars.

The Famous Stormy Daniels Lawsuit

Michael Avenatii filed a case on his client Stormy Daniel’s behalf where he sued Donal Trump for having an affair with adult movie star Stormy. It is also said that Stormy signed a non-disclose agreement which she broke by suing him. However, the court dismissed all the allegations Stormy was blaming the former president did. On top of that, she had to pay Trump’s legal fee as the court ordered her to do. But then the case took an interesting turn where Stormy said that Micheal filed the chase against her will, and she pursued her to sue Trump.

Michael denied the allegations. The lawyer used to visit the news station as guests to discuss the case. But when the tables turned, he started tweeting to end the conversation on the internet. He used to tweet with the hashtag #basta, which means enough in Italian. Stormy also testified against Michael in 2019 when he was sent to jail for tax evasion. She said that She knew many things about Michael, and she said she is not surprised that he is behind bars. She said this should have happened way back, but justice and truth take time to see the light of the day when people like Michael play with it.

Michael Avenatti Is Sentenced To 30 Months Behind The Bars

Michael was listed to face trial in New York on extorting millions from Nike when a governmental judge in California ordered him jailed until his trial in California. He is found guilty and has been sentenced to 30 months of imprisonment. Prosecutors in California sued Michael for violating his release forms by committing a series of economic crimes while free on bond: structuring currency purchases to avoid reporting requirements and covering his assets from his creditors. U.S. Marshals were fixed to take Michael to Manhattan as early as January 2020 for his trial on the New York charges.

Michael Avenatii Net Worth

After losing so much still, Michael Avenatti has a net worth of 20 million dollars. He has won many high-profile cases, which helped him encash these million dollars. He has also been a car racer, from which he earned a lot. Michael won a very high-profile case from which he sought 1 billion dollars. He was good at his job, but as the judge said in his trial that he was missing his power in the court of law. Money and power made him blind, and he needed more and more.

He used to own a beach-facing house, which he used to own before he went on trial. The house was worth 45 million dollars which he sold before going on the trial. He also owns a collection of antique and unique wristwatches which no normal person can afford. He could have made it to the billionaire list if his greed hadn’t got the best of him.

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