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Megaton Musashi Episode 2: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Megaton Musashi Episode 2
Megaton Musashi

Megaton Musashi Episode 2 reveals the life of a boy living with a robot in a fantasy world. Megaton Musashi has recently debuted, but the latest episode arrives late since it is a new anime. From the latest Megaton Musashi Episode, Musashi is a mecha modified by humans and the only one to live that long. Ryugo Hijikata joins Musashi, and Rygo has blonde hair and likes to wear black outfits. He walks while showing his chest out in the open. Yamato Ichidaiji resembles a character of a nerd with long spike hair, and he is too skinny that makes the guys around crack jokes about him.

The three make a powerful force to protect the earth from its threat. This new group trained hard and became more vital to face the rumored threat soon in the world. The new threat wants to take over the world. The humans and robots had been coexisting with each other for an extended period and have become friends. But they are surprised to see a new stranger appearing on earth. The humans got haunted by fear and had no ideas on how they will approach this new threat.

The realizes that the earth had been a suitable living environment for more than thousands of years. These new enemies are powerful enough to wipe the earth with a single strike, but they decided to take over the world instead of destroying it. This incident took place long years ago where the aliens became the rulers and the kings of the world. They appeared in tow where humankind makes their living. This aliens rise into a fierce and unstoppable army. The government realizes that they have to come up with a solution since the world is on the brink of destruction.

Previously on Megaton Musashi Episode 1

Musashi and his friends live in a world that is famous for its peace. Humans enjoy their everyday life with nothing to bother them, and they think that peace will reign in this world. No human knows about this mysterious terror that awaits them, and they believe that they are in peace and nothing will happen in their lives. It is revealed that there is secretly hidden behind this world, stating that three out of four of its population has been annihilated. A mysterious alien force destroyed ninety-nine percent of the human race, and the aliens are revealed to be emerging from an unknown world in space called Dracters.

Megaton Musashi Episode 2

Megaton Musashi

The search changes, and a massive portal begins to appear. The humans got frightened as they witnessed nightmares and realized that this had never happened in a million years. The world became a new wonderful area for alien species and began to rule over the world. Humans and the government got consumed by fear and accepted that they couldn’t defeat the alien force and decided to stay in hiding, trying to find ways to leave this world or counterattack the enemies.

The humans hoped for the day of resurrection to arrive, but they were unsure when will that happen. They wonder who will be the world’s savior since no army had steep up to face the aliens. The aliens are revealed to be coming from Ixia. But the world changed when a new force rose to stop the aliens, calling themselves the Chosen Ones. They begin to ride the Rogue robots and begin to save the world from getting destroyed. Musashi, Ryugo Hijikata, and Yamato Ichidaiji became the chosen ones and fought against the aliens as they protected humans, and that became their daily job.

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Megaton Musashi Episode 2 Release Date

Megaton Musashi Episode 2 will be released on 8 October 2021. The anime will be using its weekly release, but it will arrive late since the episode with English subtitles arrives late, and we have to wait for them to release. That is how Musashi and the Chosen one journey begun. Let’s look at Megaton Musashi Episode 2 official details and the latest update below.

Megaton Musashi Episode 2

Megaton Musashi

Watch Megaton Musashi Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Megaton Musashi episode 2 online on YouTube (Playlist on Friday, at 10:00 PM JST. If you are not in Japan and other countries, you can still use the same Youtube channel to watch this Megaton Musashi Episode 2 online. But the subs episode arrives late, and the first episode is available in raw with no subtitles.

The anime has not yet released official streaming sites like Chrunchyroll, Funimation, and Animelab. But those three official platforms are offering more updates of Megaton Musashi. Megaton Musashi has recently debuted, and more updates will be available during this coming week. For the time being, we are waiting for official confirmation. Let’s meet when Megaton Musashi Episode 2 releases.

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