Mary Poppins Returns: Release Date And Trailer

After 54 years of being on screen first (1964), Nanny Poppins returns in a sequel called Mary Poppins Returns starring the gorgeous Emily Blunt. ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ is under the banner of Disney films, directed by Rob Marshall (Pirates fame) and written by David Magee. The movie is an adaptation of a book by P.L Travers of the same name and was adapted and written into movie format by Magee, Marshall and John DeLuca. Mary Poppins Returns prides itself on an amazing star cast with Van Dyke being the only old cast member to make a return to this sequel, although in a different character this time. It is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ is based on the premise of a 1935 London when Mary Poppins, the nanny of now grown up Jane and Michael Banks returns to their lives one day suddenly. She is joined by a street lamplighter named Jack and Topsy, the eccentric cousin. This is a brand new role for Emily Blunt, different from action/ sci-fi genres that we usually see her in. The trailer release was just made, about a month ago by Disney and it’s just exhilarating.

You can see Emily Blunt singing, doing her regular magic and taking care of Michael Banks’ (played by Ben Whishaw) children in this sequel. She takes them on a wonderland journey with Jack. Michael has lost his wife and is struggling with debt, residing in the same place Cherry Tree Lane with his three children and his sister Jane Banks (played by Emily Mortimer).

Mary Poppins Returns: Release Date

Disney is giving Mary Poppins Returns an exclusive Christmas release date. A Christmas release date clubbed with Dick Van Dyke’s cameo are the two things that it shall try to capitalize on. He plays Mr. Dawes Jr. Son of Dawes Sr. the Bank Manager. Dick Van Dyke played chimney sweep Bert in the original Mary Poppins movie. Mary Poppins Returns will release in the United States on December 19 ‘ 2018. And later the film will release in the United Kingdom on December 21’ 2018. There was news of Julie Andrews making a comeback in Mary Poppins Returns too, but she confirmed her absence in the sequel leaving many of us devastated.

Mary Poppins Returns: Cast

Mary Poppins Returns is hailed for getting so many wonderful actors together on screen for the first time. We’ll get to see:

Michael Banks by Ben Whishaw
Jane Banks by Emily Mortimer
Jack by Lin Manuel Miranda
Mr. Dawes Jr by Dick Van Dyke
William Weatherall Wilkins by Colin Firth
Topsy by Meryl Streep
The Balloon Lady by Angela Lansbury
Ellen by Julie Walters
Gooding by Jeremy Swift.

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