The Multi Billion dollar franchise known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has tons of content. Ranging from comics, to novels, to tv series, and movies, the MCU has definitely made its mark on this world. However with such a large cast of characters and stories, there seems to be a common issue that fans come across when watching the movies and connecting all the stories together into one. That problem is known as the timeline. With that said, today I will be discussing Marvel announcing an official timeline for the MCU.

Marvel Announces Official Timeline For MCU

To begin with, this topic has been brought up so many times before from multiple movies messing up the inconsistency of the timeline. However the last Marvel movie, Spider Man Homecoming, fans everywhere realized the corruption int he timeline once more.

Marvel Announces Official Timeline For MCU

So with that said, Marvel Studios Chief (Kevin Feige) gave a statement and said that fans kept pointing out the inconsistencies and inaccurate events that take place according to the proper MCU timeline.

Marvel Announces Official Timeline For MCU

“I think there’s a presumption, ‘Well if the movie came out in November 2017, it must take place in November 2017’ — which is not the case,” Feige said.

“Everything will be years after that, years before that — to the Big Bang, which is where it starts,” Feige said. “It will look very cool and complex like Doc Brown on a chalkboard by the time it’s published.”

Feige did not admit when the proper timeline will be released or details regarding what will be included with it, however you can check out the old timeline that was last released from Marvel.


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