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Anime Review: Mars Red Season 1 Episode 2

featured image of mars red
'Mars Red' Season 1, C[Signal MD]

The second episode of ‘Mars Red,’ season 1, has finally been released! Titled “Till Death Do Us Part,” episode 2 has been directed by Nao Miyoshi, Shinya Sadamitsu, and Kohei Hatano and written by Jun’ichi Fujisaku; this episode has been released on the 13th of April, in 2021. Episode 2 of this Anime television and web series has been broadcasted worldwide on channels such as yTV, Tokyo MX, Chukyo TV, and CS Family Gekijo.

‘Mars Red’ has also been released on various online platforms. The opening theme song of this Anime series is titled “Seimei no Aria” and has been performed by Wagakki Band. On the other hand, the ending theme song of ‘Mars Red’ is titled “ON MY OWN,” which has been performed by Hyde.

poster of mars red

The Official Poster Of ‘Mars Red’ Season 1, C[Signal MD]

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‘Mars Red’ Season 1 Episode 2 – Review

As mentioned earlier, the second episode of ‘Mars Red’ has been titled “Till Death Do Us Part.” It feels as though the second episode gets a little slow-paced and draggy at the end as compared to the first episode. Even though the dark aesthetics of this Anime television and web series are invitingly enveloping, the audience hopes that episode 3 picks up the speed of the main plot. Defrott’s monologue still feels a little unsettling from the previous episode. The viewers have a doubt that he just might be a vampire – you can tell by the eyes of a person! It seems as though all the vampires in the Anime series have vertical pupils, and surprisingly, so does Defrott!

Another beautiful observation made about the series is that each episode of ‘Mars Red’ utilizes a different play as its driving force. In the first episode, the driving force was of “Salome” by Oscar Wilde as the viewers witness the female vampire try and chat up to Maeda, but was killed by Maeda himself. On the other hand, the underlying plot of the second episode was ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ The play has five main characters. Similarly, this episode introduces five characters – Maeda, Suwa, Takeuchi, Tokuichi, and Kurusu. Maeda plays the role of Romeo, and Misaki plays the role of Juliet. The twist here was that Juliet (Mikasi) is already dead, and Romeo (Maeda) is living with the pain of his dead lover.

In this episode, the viewers finally get to see the members of the Vampire Unit. They looked pretty normal and decent. Then, a pink-haired scientist vampire is introduced as a white-haired vampire enters wearing a gas mask. The most dangerous vampire looked like an ordinary man. The knowledge of his strength came to the audience’s notice when the female vampire was able to see a strong and powerful aura coming from him. He was extremely fast as well. The fans cannot wait to see his full strength in a proper fight! In all totality, the episode was quite different from the first one. Episode 2 felt more like an investigation taking place amongst all the vampires. The audience wishes to see content similar to that of the first episode. Nonetheless, they cannot wait for the plot of this interesting Anime series to unravel!

A still of mars red ep2

A Scene From The Second Episode Of ‘Mars Red’ Season 1, C[Signal MD]

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Release dates of the upcoming episodes of ‘Mars Red’ Season 1.

The official producers of ‘Mars Red,’ season 1, have said that the series will run for 13 episodes only. The viewers are not very happy with this statement as they wish for more episodes to be made. The entire episode schedule of this Anime television and web series has not been revealed yet. This is what we know about the release dates of the upcoming episodes:

  • Mars Red Episode 3 – 20th April 2021, His Dream
  • Mars Red Episode 4 – 27th April 2021, The Sing of the Unknown Song
  • Mars Red Episode 5 – 4th May 2021, Persona Non-Grata

Where can you watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Mars Red’ Season 1?

The upcoming episodes of ‘Mars Red,’ season 1, will be available for you to watch on the online platform called Funimation once they get released!

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