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Spoilers & Preview: Mars Red Episode 6

Mars Red
Mars Red

Yoshinobu’s plans continue for stoping the vamps that are ruling over the country. In the evening, the vamp society met and assigned their trusted vamp Rafus to deal with their obstacles. The vamps girls have taken humans as hostages, and they consider humans as their meal. Rafus agrees to deal with the high-ups that want to stop their plans. The vamp queen told Rafus that she would do everything to rule over the world, even by force. One of the hostages wakes up, and the queen shows him her vamp teeth.

The guy falls unconscious again after seeing the teeth of the vamp queen. Nakajima had a meeting with the high-ups. He reveals that he has given Colonel Maeda Yoshinobu a burden. Colonel Maeda Yoshinobu is in poor condition, and he feels like he is pushing himself so hard. The high-ups told Nakajima that they hate to tell him this, but he should know it sooner.  The high-ups remind him that Special Unit 6 has been officially disbanded. They told him that he must incinerate the Vampire Unit Plan and all related materials.

Previously on Mars Red Episode 5

Nakajima asks the high-ups if he is given a chance until year’s end. The high-ups told him that everything has to be done in August. They told him that they couldn’t postpone it any longer. Nakajima wonders how he could pass on the unit duties. They told him that they have decided to introduce the latest technology from Britain. Nakajima asks how powerful the technology is. The high-ups reveal that they are creating something powerful more than the Vampire Unit.

Their products will be far more capable than Vampire units worked hard to cultivate. They also told him that the decision was already taken, and the Minister of War approved it. The meeting ended, and Nakajima thinks that he has to do something better. Colonel Maeda Yoshinobu is surprised when he wakes up inside the hospital. He finds Misaki taking care of him.

Yoshinobu asks Misaki where he is, and she replies, hospital. Yoshinobu asks her why she is here since the last time he checked; she was not a nurse nor a doctor. Misaki avoids Yoshinobu’s question and showing him the flowers that she brought for him. Yoshinobu asks her to tell him the answer, and she told him to tell her the truth behind human combustion.

A Promise

Mars Red

Mars Red

Yoshinobu told her to leave and said if she touches anything, she will be shot. Misaki shows Yoshinobu some of his secret documents, and she told him where she got them. She gave him the documents, and Yoshinobu realizes that Misaki never talks about this before. Misaki reveals her childhood friend Shutaro Kurusu. She said that she has letters from him up until he left for Siberia. Yoshinobu realizes that Kurusu works on his unit, and he was part of the Vampier Plan Unit.

He told Misaki if she was not notified about Kurusu’s death. Misaki replies that Kurusu told her that he would never die. She said that is a promise he made to her, and she believes that he is still alive. Yoshinobu looks at his documents and just said a promise. She left the room and told Yoshinobu that she wouldn’t give up ahs will be back later. Yoshinobu finds a note that reveals about Father who received a new post, and he’s been like a different person. Misaki wonders if Father is involved in something bad. He told Yoshinobu to stop Father before it is too late.

The last part was Yoshinobu ‘I will always miss you dearly,” and he finds some tear of Misaki on the note. Meanwhile, Nakajima is working on something. He comments that they mustn’t waste a single drop of spilled blood while looking at the picture of Yoshinobu’s team. He receives news that Yoshinobu has disappeared from the hospital. Meanwhile, at vamps territory, they enjoy drinking the blood of humans like wine. Kurusu, Tacheochi, and Yamagami have arrived at their destination they started to kill the vamps.

Mars Red Episode 6 Release Date

The latest Mars Red Episode 6 will be released on Tuesday, 11 May 2021. You can watch Mars Red online on Funimation and AnimeLab.

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