Manifest Episode 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

In the previous episode of Manifest, Cal is being pulled more in center of the story with Ben, Michaela, and the people around them are caught up in the tangles of this mystery. With the help of Jared and the translator Anna Ross, it is found out that the Unified Dynamic System got something to do with the missing passengers. Will Ben and Michaela successfully find the missing passengers in Manifest episode 7?

Manifest Episode 7 – What Is S.N.A.F.U.?

Manifest episode 7 is titled “S.N.A.F.U.” which, according to Google, is “a confused or chaotic state” or simply “a mess”. Everything is a mess right now for the Stones because of the unknown callings and Cal’s involvement in this mystery. Even though Cal’s life is out of danger, for now, his life will still be in danger again if the unknown facility will start its operation. That’s why Ben, Michaela, and even Saanvi will need to find the detained passengers. Here’s the promo for the next episode if you haven’t seen it yet.

In Manifest episode 7, a new character will be introduced. The character is Fiona Clarke, one of the passengers of flight 828. According to the promo, Fiona is working for those people who detained the passengers. It seems like Ben and Saanvi will get a help from Ben’s old friend to locate Fiona and talk to her. Interestingly, Fiona seems to be waiting for them to appear in front of her.

manifest episode 7

Meanwhile, Michaela will not be able to help Ben and Saanvi in somewhere they’re heading because she will have a new “kind” of the calling in Manifest episode 7. For some reason, this calling will pull her into a murder investigation. This case is something personal to her, and for some reason, this might also be connected to what happened on the plane.

And that’s it for Manifest episode 7 spoilers. Hopefully, the show will finally reveal some of the vital parts of the mystery and less on family drama. I really hope this show will not go down the same hole as one of its predecessors.

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