Dr. Stone Chapter 78 – Spoilers

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Dr. Stone is one of the newer manga series that has taken off in popularity. The main focus is science. The writer “Riichiro Inagaki” has made a series that is in line with the standards of modern knowledge. The whole aspect of the development of science and technology that we have today is explained in this story. How the world made all this from the beginning.

The main character “Senku” is a high school student who excels at the knowledge of science. After an apocalyptic event that turned every human being to stone, Senku awakened after thousands of years. He worked on reviving other human beings using the mix of nitric acid that works on this petrification. Taiju, his best friend, was the first to be revived after Senku. In desperation to protect themselves, they revived Tsukasa whose ideals were different than Senku. Tsukasa and Senku separated and a battle has started between two groups. In this world, Senku finds a working village and develops technology from scratch.


In Chapter 77, Senku made dynamite in the cave that had Nitric Acid from bat waste. Dynamite is a high explosive that is highly deadly to both parties. On the other side, the fighter team is up against Tsukasa and his henchmen that want to end the Kingdom of Science.

Dynamite is way more deadly than Gunpowder. With this move, Senku has made the tool to gain leverage over Tsukasa. The Science team will gain leverage over Tsukasa’s Team. If Senku can convince Tsukasa to back away, the whole fight will be over. The amount of dynamite produced can damage both sides. The brawl between Tsukasa and Senku will come to a close in Chapter 78. Senku will find and save someone precious to Tsukasa which means he will become loyal to Senku again.

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