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Manga Plus App Makes All Chapters Available For Reading, For 41 Manga Series Till 2023

Manga plus releases all chapters for free
Manga Plus Releases all chapters for free for a year.

Anime and manga have expanded their reach. Especially with the initiation of manga reading apps, readers have found their peace amidst manga panels. Shueisha’s Manga Plus app has been a big contributor in making reading manga easier for fans overseas. The app brings forth most manga series published in Shonen Jump. For enthusiastic readers, this was no less than a golden opportunity to keep up with every ongoing manga and appreciate the source of every anime they have loved. The facilities of the app have been taken a step forward as Manga Plus makes all chapters available for reading for 41 manga series for a year. This new initiative has made several fans happy as they proceed to cover their favourite series from the start.

For those unaware, Manga Plus is Sheuisha’s official app service where the company releases the newest manga chapters in different languages. Keeping up with the newest updates has become extremely easy and fewer expectations. Additionally, the activity of pirated manga sales has also declined since its launch. The app was launched in 2019 worldwide and has since satisfied thousands of customers with its user-friendly service.

Ever since the newest update, Manga Plus has proven to be a messiah for manga lovers who haven’t been able to read the manga from the start.

Manga Plus Makes All Chapters Available For Reading

Due to legal restrictions, Manga Plus only keeps six chapters from each manga on its site. These six chapters include three from the start and three from the very last of the manga. So even if one could stay updated with the newest chapters, they could not read the chapters in between. However, things have changed for 41 manga series that Manga Plus has adopted to publish all the chapters for.

41 free reading manga in manga plus

List of the 41 Manga Made available for free reading on Manga Plus

This huge step has been taken in commemoration of the app’s third year. All the chapters of these 41 mangas will be available on the app for a complete year. These 41 mangas include several popular series, including Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Sakamoto Days, and many more. However, the chapters will be available for reading only once.

You can download the app for free on Play Store and start reading your favorite manga as soon as you can!!

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