Mamamoo’s Moonbyul Drops Her Upcoming Solo Comeback 6equence’s ‘Synopsis’ Teaser

Moonbyul 6equence

Finally, Mamamoo’s Moonbyul is making her solo comeback with ‘6equence’ in 2022. Around a year ago, Moonbyul had released her solo piece, ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ where she had shown off her different charms. This time as well, Moonbyul is ready with her upcoming solo mini-album ‘6equence.’ She also has released a teaser poster, showing off her beauty as well as exciting fans for her upcoming comeback. Moonbyul is dressed in black attire, with minimal makeup and hiding slightly behind the curtain in the poster. However, even the curtain can not cover her breathtaking beauty and sparkling eyes, which are ready to pierce fans’ hearts.

Another surprise she gave was dropping a teaser of ‘Synopsis,’ one of the mini-album tracksAlthough it will be a mini-album, the teaser trailer has already caught fans’ attention. This beautiful lady of Mamamoo does not know when to stop showing off her charms, which are flawlessly portrayed in her upcoming mini-album teaser poster. 

Moonbyul’s Synopsis Narrating A Tale Two Sisters

Mamamoo’s Moonbyul is ready to make her solo comeback with 3rd mini-album called 6equence in January 2022. On 6 December 2021, she released a beautiful teaser poster of her solo comeback. Furthermore, Synopsis’ teaser clearly exciting fans with Moonbyul’s slow tempo soothing voice. Being a member of the Mamamoo kpop group, Moonbyul has showcased her sweet, swag full vocal numerous times. However, this time, she has come back with another blast. 

Mamamoo Moonbyul 6equence
Mamamoo’s Moonbyul

In Synopsis, Moonbyul gives off her gentle yet steady vocal. Although it is just a short teaser, it is predictable her solo piece will be another hit. The trailer reveals a tale of two sisters, presenting the synopsis of their childhood memories. Furthermore, it will be great to see her working on solo work. Her soulful voice has been highlighted in Synopsis. No wonder her voice sounds like a deep enchanting melody. 

6equence’s Synopsis does not only stands out for Moonbyul’s soulful voice, the visual, cinematography, and eloquent music, which seems like a drug. Hence, fans should get ready to welcome Mamamoo’s Moonbyul solo comeback. She is coming to fascinate her fans with her deep, mesmerizing melody featured in 6equence’s Synopsis.

Check out the teaser below:

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